Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hola !!!!!
Life down here is absolutely wonderful! It's feels like 110 degrees ALL THE TIME. It rained one day so we laid out in the rain. It's like a typhoon when it rains here. Absolutely crazy. There are some Haitian missionaries here right now, so I'm able to use the little French I know to talk to them. They're way cool, and one of them speaks English. I'll be sending some pictures soon. My companion is the coolest kid ever! Way down to earth guy! His name is Elder Nielsen. He's like me, pretty chill, go with the flow guy, but together we get so much done and have a good time. I have the best District (group in MTC) ever! I've never laughed so hard in my life. But we also are really good at bringing in the spirit. I've never felt the spirit so strong than last Sunday. It literally brought us all to tears, and our MTC president's wife was sitting in our class and told us that it was the biggest influence of the spirit she has ever felt in the MTC. It was amazing. I sing a lot down here. So far they've made me do three solo's during our nightly prayers. Everyone's really surprised how high I can go. My companion told me I sound like Adam Levine, which made my life complete. :)
Its good to hear you guys are having a good week! Halloween is today, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I won't be celebrating sadly, but I'll be able to go to the Temple today, which is just as good. :) 

Just in case you were wondering, I currently have 56 emails waiting for me to respond to. I hate being popular. But I'll write personal messages to as many as I can! And Dad, what the heck? You were suppose to shoot a deer in honor of me!!! Curses!!! Hahaha
In case you were wondering, my P-Days are always on Thursday, which is a strange day, but that's okay. I'm not complaining. I mean sure this week has been really rough, but its manageable with this one day off. :)
As for Spanish.... It is pretty difficult. They talk so fast here. Every Saturday mi maestros make us go out and talk to people around the temple and bear our testimonies. But hey, in the fourth day here, I could bear my testimony, say a prayer, and have a decent small talk conversation all in Spanish. I know the Lord is blessing me and helping me move forward.
Food here is weird. They eat beans and rice all the time. And no, there is no coke here. BUT, this is way cool. I've lost 10 pounds already. I don't know how, but yes, I'm eating healthier. So I guess it isn't that bad!
Oh, and we never wear our suits in the MTC, except on Sundays. Other than that, its all short sleeved.

I love you guys, I'm praying for you! Put your trust in the Lord. He will always be there to guide and direct you. When your burdens make it feel impossible to stand, kneel. :)
Elder Weiss

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On October 23 2013, Elder Parker Weiss left home, family and friends to serve in the Dominican Republic  - Santo Domingo West mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Postings and pictures will be updated periodically to share his journey as he searches for souls eager to hear the gospel. A special thanks to all those who continue to support Parker throughout his life defining experience...

3 Nephi 5:13
My dearest family,
I arrived and I am doing well! It's amazing here, but super humid! Wanted to let you know that everything went fine, and I look forward on sharing my experiences with you! I have to get off and go to bed now though, so I'll write more next time!
Elder Parker Weiss