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Monday, October 13, 2014


You read the title... put them down! unless you are using your cell phone to read this email. In that case, stop texting, and read this first. 

Hi, I am Elder Weiss, and this is my companion, (companion's name here). We are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We shared a message that is focused on the gospel of Christ, that teaches His doctrine. We also testify that His true church has been restored on the earth, by a prophet Joseph Smith, and that through him, God restored all the holy keys of the priesthood back on the earth. 

You know, I would've wrote that in Spanish, but I have never done that in English. That's probably what I would have said to you if I knocked on your door right now. So guess what, you are all my contacts..... BOOM.           Just kidding. ;)

Hahah This week was great! Let me start by saying, SO MUCH HAPPENS IN ONE WEEK. It is so hard to remember every little awesome detail throughout the week, but I try to at least remember the big things! So sorry if sometimes my emails are short! I try!

This week we have worked tons with members. TONS. Every single day we work with members. On Thursday and Saturday, we had a member with us all day! It was awesome! Having a member bare their testimony is amazing. They help so much! So ya, get out there and do some mission work! I am so pumped to be able to go home, call the missionaries and preach with  them all day!!!!! But guess what, I get to do that every day, and it rules!!!

We have a baptism coming up!!! His name is Frederick. He is another kid. 14 years old, but he is awesome. He has been getting the lessons for about 10 weeks now, and his baptismal date is this Saturday. He'll be having his interview tomorrow. If all goes well, I'll be able to see a new member of the true church this week! He is way cool. He reads a lot. And he asks some great questions. I love the little guy!

We have another family that we are teaching. The mom is less active, and the kids aren't members. Her name is Ana Peña, and her kids names are Cheri and Jon. They are a great family. We laugh a lot with them and we make lots of jokes. Cheri has made mention about how we are her favorite missionaries. She likes the way we teach. Apparently we aren't robots. They say I am a little nuts, but hey, I like to joke around. But we are also very serious. We have set Cheri up with a baptism date, in December. She is 15, and she is great. We are also really trying to get Ana to go back to church. I am this close to dragging her by her feet to the church. Why? She always says she'll come, and then something always happens..... oh man. But we'll work with her. She is one of my favorite people in this area to work with! She is awesome, even at times I want to take a way a little of her agency. hahah. Still have to learn a little bit of patience I guess. Haha!!! Jon doesn't really listen to us as of right now, but we are trying to get him involved!

Another couple of awesome people, another girl named Ana, and her brother Jose Miguel. Ana is 16, and Jose Miguel is 14 or so. They are a referral from our new ward mission leader, and they are awesome. They also have a baptism date now for December. Their only problem? Going to church... Why is it so hard to go to church?? Seriously?? We can get up every day on time to be ready for school, so that we are that on time, that way, we won't get chewed out by our teachers, but why are we late, or "sluffers" for God?? I don't understand. It's Sabbath Day, not Stay home Day.....

Another awesome investigator, Edvis, 73 years old, heart bigger than a mountain, and he is just amazing! I love getting to know him. He told us he is wants to know if this church is true, so that he doesn't go jumping between churches. So he told us he is going to pray diligently to God to know if this is His true church, and if he gets the answer yes, he will leave his church, and be baptized in the true church. He wants us to come back tomorrow to find out what he received for an answer. I just love the way he thinks. You can tell he is real serious about all of our messages, because he always makes sure to put God's input in first before making a decision. Edvis rules!!!!!

We met "Santo" again! (the guy who has seizures when he says santo.) We found him on the street, and he started jerking and yelling his famous line, Santo!!!! I can't help but laugh... I am sorry. Just thought I would update you...

On Saturday, I had an exchange with Elder Catmull, and I worked in his area with him all day! Boy was it awesome! We struggled so much with the language in the CCM. It was so awesome to see how much we have grown and how much the Lord has helped us to know the spanish language. That was a fun day!

We cleaned our house amazing today, because we hear that Elder Cornish from the seventy is coming by and personally checking all missionary homes in our mission. Not that our house was real dirty or anything. We just made sure it was brighter than Elder Weiss' thinking process in the morning.... haha thinking in the morning is a true struggle.

All in all, I loved this week. As I have said, I know this gospel is true. It is amazing. I FINISHED ALMA this week!!! I am now in Helaman, but boy was Alma a great book! Anyways, love you all. Spread the gospel!!! Be a part of the work of the Lord. Every member is a missionary!!!!!!!!!!! I love you mis queridos familiares y amigos! Oro para ustedes cada día! Your challenge this week is just to send me a photo! Because I love pictures. :)

Love you all!!!!

Elder Weiss :)

Our new Ward Mission Leader, Jordi.

We took pictures after a meeting we had.

 We may be nuts...