Friday, November 8, 2013

Buenos Dias!!!!
I love life down here! Absolutely love it. The people are amazing, the weather is warm, and my companion and all the other elders rock. We are always laughing and having a good time! The spanish is coming along great! Oh and they do have coke at the store, which I got to buy some on tuesday when we all went to the store. So I am good with that. As for my weight, I think why I lost so much was because I was barely eating. The food always has rice and beans..... which I don't like. But now, I love them. I eat them every day, so ya-  I think it has to do with the fact that I'm not allowed to snack when I want, or the fact that I can't drink coke every second, and we get to exercise every day and the food is super healthy, so it's not a bad thing. My body was just shocked. And I haven't been losing much more.
The MTC president absolutely loves me. He heard me and Elder Cook singing and playing piano one day and now we are doing the intermediate solo hymn thing in sacrament on sunday. You can say I am nervous. Hhaha
I'm sure TJ will do great in his talk. Wish him good luck for me, and tell him he will absolutely love the MTC! It's a spiritual place 24/7. You always have it with you. Sad thing is he will probably get out of the MTC before me..... oh well... hahah.
I'll most likely have some awesome stories to share with you all next week, so be ready for the awesome Parker story telling skills. I mean, in retrospective, I rock at telling stories. Big time.
Also, the temple here: ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. It's brown marble on the outside, and the inside is amazing gorgeous. Definitely my favorite temple. I want to get married here. Too bad that isn't my decision. Anyways I got to head to the temple now. 

Elder Weiss