Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 4-Nov. 21, 2013

You want to hear my fun story this week??? It's amazing!
So I met this guy at the University. His name is Jose, and he was a golden investigator. He came up to us and asked us about our church. He was speaking english which was nice! Anyways, he had never heard about our church, but the night before he had been praying that he would meet someone that would put him back on the right track and then he met us. Anyways, he had just stopped drinking two weeks before and had some awesome questions about our church. In the end I gave him a Book Of Mormon and he told me he could feel what I was saying was true. I gave him my email and he emailed me!!!! He already read the entire book and is meeting with missionaries and thanked me for showing him the gospel. And also, he is in my mission, so I will be able to visit with him when I get out in the field!! So excited to talk to him again! He is about 23 I believe. It's amazing to know that this gospel blesses families! I am so proud to say I am a part of that!
Other than that, not a lot happened this week! Except my spanish has skyrocketed! I learned a ton this week and its absolutely amazing! I feel the power of God in my life. It's amazing. I love you guys! I got to get to some more emails, but I'll get back to you if I can! I love you a lot and I am praying for you!
Elder Weiss :)