Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

In The Work Of The Lord--You know, surprisingly I will not have much to write about this week...... not much has happened that is of huge importance. We have been having normal working schedules. We seem to be walking a lot. Lots of people keep "firing" us, so we just walk around and around sometimes... But hey, more exercise! We've met some pretty cool people this week! Also some crazy ones! 

We met a guy on the street. I don't remember his name, but I do remember that he is from Spain, but he now currently lives in Kentucky. He actually began talking to us, by yelling in English, "Whoa, the Mormons are here too??" So we stopped to talk to him. He immediately said some pretty basic beliefs. He said, "So you guys have like 20 wives, right?" We began to explain, laughing inside a little bit, but he cut us off again, but with something I have never heard before.... "So wait, the people say you guys eat children. That's messed up. Do you eat children?" Hate to say it, I've never laughed at a comment from investigating people before, but I did laugh at that one. What??? Eat kids?? We kept telling him no, and no and no, but he just wouldn't believe us. He kept telling us he knows Mormons in Spain that eat kids as a regular meal. haha so ya, that was not one of our success stories. That was just some random contact we had in the street. I wish him the best in life, hopefully he'll listen to the message one day, but I believe little children would taste gross. Haha.

I am loving my time with Elder Millward. He is awesome. I can see he is learning every day. It's cool to see. And he is teaching me as well. He is always giving and is very thoughtful for the welfare of others, and it is just nice to see. I also love my house. I have to admit, Elder Mortensen is a real cool guy. He is definitely a life long friend to me. We just get each other, and he is super cool and man, he just rocks. I give his parents props for raising and amazing kid, as well as the parents of Elder Catmull and Elder Millward. They are all so cool. I have loved my time with Elder Catmull from day one. He is just a rockstar. So all together, my house rocks, and it is super fun to be their District Leader. I love them all. They are just like my children, although most of the times I act more childish and crazier than them, and I promise I won't eat them.... hahah! SO WEIRD!!!! Eating children??? I'll try to move on from that subject! haha 

So we are still working with Yeni and Nicolas to get them married. They are super into the whole thing, we are just waiting on a couple of their papers and stuff. Hopefully they'll get on that soon! Haha

IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME IN THE DR! Everywhere we go, Christmas music, Christmas trees, and all things Christmas... and I am totally okay with it! I love Christmas. But I haven't even had Thanksgiving yet... oh dear.

I'd like to share a thought. This week I was reading in 3 Nephi 11, when Christ comes and establishes the church in the Americas. That to me is such a powerful chapter. It really hit me hard and testified to me that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father really do love us, and care about each one of us individually. Just like in times before, they worried about all nations and people, and they continue to do that today. I know Jesus is guiding his church through the prophet. I don't doubt this church to any degree. The scriptures and all the manuals and things I have read have only testified of the things that are true, and I know our church is the only one that follows all of the teaching of Jesus Christ. I have no doubts that Joseph Smith restored the true church. The Book of Mormon is my testimony of that, because I know he didn't change a single page as he translated it. And I know that God is looking on us and sending only His best, just like he did to the Nephites when He sent His Only Begotten Son to them. I know if we turn to Heavenly Father, like we read in the Book of Mormon the Nephites did, we can be a blessed people, or a blessed person individually. I don't doubt the church, I don't deny what I know is true, and I will never deny it. I love the church. I love my Heavenly Father and my Brother, Jesus Christ. I give thanks every day for my opportunity to be on my mission. What a blessing it is for me to be a missionary. I pray for you as well. I love you all, and I will continue to wish only the best blessings upon you, and your family. May God be your strength when you are weak, and may He bless you when you are in times of need and comfort. I love you, and the Lord loves you. Haz lo justo. :)

Con amor,

Elder Weiss :)

"Our Kids"  (Trainer's and Greenies)

I think these Elder's are getting along just fine... :)

Elder's Millward, Weiss, Mortensen and Catmull