Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

Can you believe it? We are already in November!!!! How nuts! Time is going by way to quickly! What a week it has been!

You know, I have really noticed some real desire but some investigators lately that we have that they truly want to know if the things we teach are true. For example, Yeni and Nicolas have started preparing their papers so that they can get married. As they were doing so, they came to us for help, and asked us if we were able to help. In a time of great need, they ask us to help, and we promised as they prepare to follow the commandments, the Lord will provide a way. I'm planning on helping a small bit so that they will be able to get married. The mission is also planning on making some donations. But I see a true desire in them. They were at church this week which was awesome. Since we've been teaching them, they haven't missed a time in church!

Ana Peña is a less active member we have. I felt a grand urge a couple of weeks ago to give her a little talking too, as I explained before, just telling her to come to church. I also felt the urge to give her daughter, Cheri, a baptismal date that same day. That was three weeks ago. I see them in church every week now. The spirit did something that day, because they are there early every week, on time. From being inactive to now coming every week is incredible. AND Cheri is the same age as Sydney, 15. She now loves the church and always talks about the friends she is making there every week. That to me was a miracle. Elder Rosado, my companion, tells me that they would have never came to church before, but now he sees a great change in them. They are new. Ana Peña only needs to get married, and she is once again a reactive member, and I am so excited to see that. We gave her and her boyfriend a Law of Chastity pamphlet to read together. Looks like another bold speaking will be coming on Wednesday. ;)

On Saturday we had the churches day of service here in the DR. My ward was not prepared at all. They told us to be at the church at 8 in the morning to eat breakfast really quick and then we would head ourt and go and paint a house and guess what happened??? When we got there, we waited and waited until 9 for the bishop to show up and then, at 11 we were out of the church. We, as missionaries, only could paint for 20 minutes at that point, so that we had time to go home and cook before going to work. So it ended up being a bust. Hopefully it went well?? They say it looks good but I am unsure..... But whatever!!

Now to go back to Friday. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! The work day was weird, but only at night. I was expecting to see trick or treaters knocking on doors, but then I realized that most people here don't celebrate this holiday here... I felt a bit uncomfortable to be honest. Something was missing! So when we got home, the kids next door are members, and they were all dressed up to celebrate Halloween, and we had bought some candy. Yes, I did go trick or treat my own house. But with the leftover candy, we invited the little kids to trick or treat at our house, and they freaked out! They flew up to the third floor, our house, and had their first trick or treating experience. You should have seen the looks on their faces as they received free candy. That is what made this holiday worth it to me. So a "Happy Halloween???" turned into a very "Happy Halloween." I have found the true meaning of halloween! GO ME! I'll send pictures of all that in a second.

Now there is something I left out last week... I forgot to mention transfers were this week..... Let me just say, something happened that I wasn't expecting. Saturday, after we painted that house for 20 minutes, I was cooking, and I got a call from my Mission President. He told me that he has big plans for me, then began interviewing me. After a 10 minute phone interview, he announced that I will become a trainer and I will be training starting Tuesday, or basically tomorrow! So that means that I will be getting a new missionary to teach the ropes. President told me that my Spanish is outstanding for my time in the mission and that I will be a great "Father", which is what you are called when you train a new missionary. So I am getting my first "kid" in the mission. Kid, meaning a new missionary! His name is Elder Millward. I don't know anything about him yet, but I know he is brand new. I will meet him tomorrow! So Elder Catmull and I are training together! That means, its a house full of americans! My first in the mission! I am super excited, and I am sure I will have lots more to write about now. Training will rock! Sadly my time with Elder Rosado ends. But he'll be close by, so we'll see each other often! Anyways, that has been the week! I love and pray for you all! Keep following the Lord in all that you do. His path is the best path!

Disfruten mucho cuando llega la nieve. Hace mucho frío! 

Elder Weiss :)

Our "scary" Halloween costumes. :)

We had Trick or Treaters!!!