Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015 - Yo amo a mi barrio. :)

A veces, no quiero hablar ingles... pero, casi nadie me va a entender en español..... jaja

Hello everyone!!!! Life is great! Thanks for all the support you give me!! I am loving this area, let me tell you. Life is great here! :)

Last week our bishop informed us of a eight year old that wants to be baptized. He just turned eight and has been coming to the church for a year and a half with his sister. His parents aren't members, so he falls under the mission! So we started teaching him all this week! His name is Esteven and he is a great kid. He is really smart and we have lots of fun teaching him. It's fun to teach a younger kid. They seem more excited. haha :) But we also are teaching his mom and dad, who have agreed to support him in his baptism! So in two weeks Esteven is going to be baptized, so we teach him every day! He's already reading in the Book of Mormon which to me is really impressive from an eight year old. This kid, although small, has lots of faith!!!!

Jhonathan and Yisenia, The Matta Family, are still going strong. They have saved up a little bit of money, so we are hoping to see some progress with the marriage now that they have started to save. The ward and members are really helping us out. We've had FHE with them every single week. Like tonight, we'll be going to our bishops to do one at his house with them. I will keep you all informed on them! :)

We have another couple we are teaching. But they are not like ordinary dominicans. They don't live together, and they believe in being boyfriend and girlfriend until marriage. Hallelujah!!!! They are amazing! They are both about 35, and the man, Franklin, is super tall and plays basketball, so we get along really well. But he is the most humble and nice man you'll ever meet. His girlfriend, Nisa is also very nice and they are both very curious in the message. We gave them a Book of Mormon to read and when we went back, they had a huge list of questions for us. Just goes to show their desire to know. They say they'll be coming to church this week, so we are hoping that is true! We want them to get married though, because they are awesome! Also, we played basketball with Franklin and some other missionaries today, so we are building up that trust. He is a great guy!

I did an exchange this week with the other missionaries in our house and it was super fun. I left with Elder Hasler. Their area is a bit poorer, but it was really cool to get to know their area. Plus, I met a guy who was on a hammock playing a guitar, and he let me take a picture... so ya, that was sick. :) Anyways, it was a fun day to be with Elder Hasler. He is a great missionary!

On Sunday Elder Porter and I gave talks in our ward. I feel like it went well, but you never know. If the people were listening, then they might of felt the spirit! :) Jhonathan and Yisenia came to church so ya, they rock. :)

Today we played basketball and went to the mall, and then ate with a member. Now I am writing, so that has been my day! Pictures to come of the week! :) I love you all and thank you so much for all your support! :)

Elder Weiss :)

A picture of Manuel, a member, and I!

That hammock and guitar. Paradise. :)

Also, I got a trophy for being an awesome missionary. Go me. :) 

The cool grafitti where we played basketball today!
 "Yo amo a mi barrio" means "I love my neighborhood".