Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015 - Living the Dream

This week has been amazing. We have been loving our time here in San Geronimo. 

We have been focusing with Jhonathan and Yesenia all week about their marriage, and we have set a date to get all things ready for the marriage, and its on Saturday, the 30th. They will pay and set up a day to get married for next week, so we are excited, because that means Yesenia will be able to get baptized and Jhonathan will once again be an active member! I actually took some pictures of us as we were looking for their Birth Certificates. It was like an "In the Moment" memory. haha Here is something crazy... This week we were talking about the Book of Mormon with them, and Yesenia tells us that she finished the Book Of Mormon entirely... AND she understood it completely. It took her 10 days! NUTS! Then, after, she prayed and felt the urge to read Doctrine and Covenants... she'll finish soon. Haha But wow, that was so amazing to me! :)

Franklin and Nisa are progressing really well! They are coming with us, as well as Jhonathan and Yesenia, to our President's house tonight to go have a FHE with the President. So that will be fun! But we are really hoping that Franklin and Nisa will decide on getting married so that they can become an eternal family! That is the ultimate goal! :)

We were fed one day at a professional chefs house, who is a member. She cooked us Ribs. :) LIFE IS GOOD. Pics to come! 

Our biggest day was Sunday.... Let me explain why.... WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!! Esteven got baptized on Sunday, because our bishop wanted to do it that way. His parents showed up and everything. We did it after the block. But this baptism was........... hahahaha memorable.... Here is why: when it was time to baptize Esteven, Elder Porter and Esteven went into the font, but we couldn't open up the font doors. No ones keys were working, because it was jammed! And everyone from church was there, so there were lots of people. We took 15 minutes going at this door. I ran to the other side to see if Elder Porter could open it from the inside, the only thing is Elder Porter couldn't reach, so he had to put a chair in the font... then I notice that Esteven, who remember is only 8, is swimming in the water like it is a pool... so I start saying, "No, don't do that... be patient" and he is just laughing saying "You didn't tell me about the part where I got to swim!" That was like a palm to the face moment, but I laughed. Elder Porter couldn't open the door either from that side. At this point all the members are in the bathroom trying to see the font from the other side, so I run back around to the front, and we get a big guy to jerk at the door, and it opens. I think we broke it..... shhh..... but then we continued the baptism and the rest went well, but it was funny. Haha after the baptism, we were invited to a members to eat, and as we ate they showed us the show called The Saratov Approach, about the two missionaries that get kidnapped and all that. The movie was a straight up tear jerker... Man, but really good. Then we went back to the church after the movie and went on splits with some kids. I went with two kids who are about to go on their mission. It was super fun and I learned some stuff from them. So Sunday was awesome! Hahaha

Today we did something cool! We went and played basketball with two other zones, but we did it at the Olympic Center, where the national teams play! We played on that court and it was super cool. It felt really strange being on a real court again though... But really fun!

I finished Alma this week, and I am now in Helaman. Wow do I love the story of the 2000 sons of Helaman. I like how he calls them his sons because "they are worthy to be called my sons".  Their commitment to the Lord is incredible. They had so much faith. Its like how Alma states, faith is like a seed. And what does S.E.E.D. stand for? To me, SEED stands for Spiritual Exercise Every Day. And the Stripling Warriors did just that. They were always relying on their God to save them, and He did. I love that story!

Anyways, I love you all! Pics are to come! :) And a big Happy Birthday to my sister Sydney this week! She turns 16! I can't believe it!!!! LOVE YOU!

Love you all,
Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note:  Parker said they will be moving into a new house that has water (even hot water) and electricity all the time and he's super excited!  

Our feast of Ribs and goodness.

Us finding Birth Certificates with Jhonathan and Yesenia.

Baptism of Esteven! :)

How many people did we fit in to this SUV??? ;) LOTS!

Basketball arena!