Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015 - The start of Transfer 2 in San Geronimo

Hey people! Hope all is going well. You are all in my prayers!!!!

Well, my first transfer here in San Geronimo has come to an end, and we are now in the start of my second transfer here! And what a surprise I got! haha First off, all this week we were working really hard, especially in El Claret, the farthest part of our area. We have been contacting a ton over there to try to find more people to teach in that part. We met a couple people, but they weren't interested at all. We had a couple ladies tell us that they were "Catholics" and couldn't listen to our message. We said thanks and went to the door next to theirs, but they thought we had left, so we hear inside the house them saying, "We told them we were Catholics, and they bought it! hahaha!" Then they walked outside again and we were still there, and we just waved. The girl looked at us and said.... "so ya...... I am sure you heard that... but we are still not interested." hahahahah! To me in was funny! The things people make up to not hear our message. But we were also able to find a couple of actually interested people, which is exciting!!

As for Jhonathan and Yesenia, they are still missing a couple of their Birth Certificates, so we are still waiting to pay for the wedding. So their wedding could happen either this week, or sometime during the next week. :)

Franklin and Nisa are going really well in their studies. Actually this week, we talked about baptism with them and invited them to be baptized on the first week of July, and the both accepted. Actually the spirit that we had in that moment was so powerful, we all just took a moment of silence. It was amazing. The power of God is soooo real, I can't even exaggerate that. God works in such amazing ways.

My companion, Elder Porter is in his last transfer, which means I will be with him until he goes back home, and I am really excited to be his last companion. We have been having lots of fun and getting along great. We are definitely helping each other out to see our strong points, and to fix our weak points. It's going beautiful. :)

Well, the crazy news I got at transfers is that, with Elder Zúñiga leaving our house, the President called me and asked me to be the District Leader over the district of the four elders in our house, and also the four sisters in our district. So I get to do that, and be a Zone Leader. It will be a new challenge, but I am really excited for it. The President keeps saying he really likes my energy. I guess I still haven't lost that hyperactiveness! hahaha

I am really excited for the new transfer. We will work hard. And plus, we will be moving into a new house this Friday, so our crappy house will finally be out of our lives!!!! And I can not even begin to explain how happy we all are for that. ITS A MIRACLE!

Oh, I saw Meet The Mormons this week with a member. It was really good. The movie has a special spirit to it. Also, I have finished Helaman and I am now in 3 Nephi. I love the Book Of Mormon. The stories can be applied in so many different ways! Bueno, que Dios les bendiga en todo sus esfuerzos. Haz lo justo siempre!!!! Les quiero mucho!!!

Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note:  I thought the girl's claiming to be Catholic was funny so I asked Parker what was the best excuse he's heard that he can remember. This is what he said:

Ummmmm best excuse I have heard was that they didn't know how to speak american. and I said, good, we speak spanish, and she said, ya, but I don't speak your language. Then I said, then how are you responding to what I say? You obviously understand. And she responded saying, I don't understand at all. So then I just looked at her, and in english I said, well have a good day then, and she responded saying, thanks you too. So ya, she totally spoke english as well..... I was just like.... SO THEN? hahah

The Elder's and Sister's in Parker's District

I think Parker likes his mission. :)