Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015 - Prayers are Answered

Hey everyone!!!! Dios les bendiga! This week has been a little loooonnnggg to be honest. The work is continuing to progress and life is good. I caught some weird type of gripe this week. I am not sick, but I have a horrible sore throat. That's it though. Weird, but eh, it isn't slowing me down!!!!

So Jhonathan and Yesenia should be getting their birth certificates this week, which is all good. We want to help them so much in knowing what we can do to help them truly feel converted as Yesenia is trying to become a member, and Jhonathan is close to reactivation. We have been praying hard for them, and this week we were able to see an answer. A member is willing to help them by going and getting all of their birth certificates they need, and he will take them through all the steps of marriage that they need to do before the actual marriage. That was much needed. The member is a member of the bishopric and lets just say it is nice to have member help. :)

We have another investigator that I have mentioned before, Jennifer, who earlier got in a fight that I wrote about with her boyfriend, and how he was threatening her and all that stuff. Well this week, she took a big step and decided to leave her boyfriend to live with her parents, so that she could keep the commandment of Chastity. She will be moving to Pantoja, which is out of our area, but we are very humbled with the steps and choices she has made and taken. It was an answer to our prayers. We have been praying that she would know what she needs to do to take steps closer to Christ, and she has done just that. We believe we will still be able to baptize her and everything, but I will keep you posted. She has proved how Faith in Christ really changes people. I know she will be eternally blessed for the decision she made.

Another investigator, Ofilia, who I have mentioned before, is also slowly  getting closer to her baptism. She says she wants to know for sure that this is true. She is a bit older, like 50 or 60, but she wants to know that once she makes the decision of baptism, she will never leave the church. We pass by constantly and we see huge improvements in her testimony every time. She is making big changes every time we see her. :)

I know prayers are answered. That was part of my testimony that was strengthened this week. Especially while reading the Book of Mormon. I was able to read 3rd Nephi, 4th Nephi, Mormon, and Ether this week. And wow, God answers prayer. All my doubts and personal questions were answered in scripture. That also shows the importance of reading the scriptures. It helps us receive answers. I know that as we pray, God listens to us, and He will answer if we are humble enough to hear the answer from the Holy Ghost. This gospel is amazing. Being a missionary is amazing, and I love being here, teaching this true gospel with everyone I can. My hope is that we all continue to spiritually grow and to do as the Lord would want us to do. 

Love you all! Keep the faith! :)

Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note: I mentioned how hot Utah is now and asked how it is there and if he had plans later that night...

Parker wrote: I am dying, but I am used to the suffering. ITS HOT. :)

We don't have plans. I have to go to the CCM tomorrow to go renew a temporary VISA until I go home. Also, they say I will be getting my flight plans next week, so I will be able to tell you exactly what time I will be home. CRAZY HUH??????

He also commented on Ryan and Alysha's move (where and how it went) and all the marriages/engagements in our ward and that he likes the new house he's in and that everything is working and he also commented on his health that he really is feeling okay and it's just his throat hurting.  

I can't believe we'll know his flight plan next week! This mama's excited!! (We talked about not getting too trunky as well. Keep focusing on the work and service!)  Thank you everyone for all your love and support of Elder Weiss!