Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Monday June 8, 2015 - Wai mi Mai

Wow, what a week! Thank you to everyone who always send their love and support. It is much appreciated!

To start, I am sure you all think I am in a new house by now and want to know how it is. Well, we haven't moved...... something came up, so we are still waiting... maybe this week?

With Jhonathan and Yesenia, we are still waiting on their marriage. This week they still didn't have everything ready for the marriage, like to pay for it and such, so we are hopefully going to pay for that this week.

Franklin and Nisa are still learning really well. Franklin has a date for baptism, and his kid, and they are both progressing a ton. However, we haven't talked to Nisa in a while, so we are unaware of her. We pray lots for her and we are hoping she will be able to set apart more time to listen to us throughout this week.

Our President came to our house this week to Weekly Plan with us, and it was super fun and also, very affective. We learned a lot from him and he helped us really focus in finding new people to teach. He kept asking us how we can use the people we are teaching to find new people to teach and how to ask referrals from everyone. Something I have never really focused on, but it was a great idea. Hopefully it will help us to find new people!

So this week we had an activity at the church. It was for Mother's Day, since Mother's Day here was just last week. Jhonathan and Yesenia went, and all the mothers were pampered with a full salon treatment, free of charge. You better believe Yesenia liked that. The rest of us all sat in another room and listened to music. They were playing all the new music from the states. Wow, everything sounds so different. I felt a strong urge to dance... I almost broke. I miss dancing. Haha 

Everyone has been so helpful in this ward. We get lots of people to leave with us, but also, we have lots of people feed us, which I believe is super important. Members get so many blessings from feeding missionaries, trust me. Haha :) I had tacos this week for the first time in a year and a half. Wow, how I miss Mexican food. :)

Funny story, because I love funny stories. At the activity we had, one of the fathers began to do a speech for the ladies once that had finished their salon stuff. But he started it with a song. He is really, and I mean really, tone deaf. He is older, but he was singing his heart out. Everyone was forcing a smile, and clapping along, and he finished this really long, off note to finish the chorus. He took in a huge breath, as if he was going to start the second verse, but another member in front of us shouts "Well sung!!!" And starts clapping really hard. We all begin clapping and screaming and the man just stands there dumbfounded, like a look of "I wasn't done." So they cut him off cold in his song. Later he comes up to us and says, "Ya, I was so good, they didn't want to keep hearing the sound of angels singing." HAHAHAHAHAHA my companion and I died... first that they cut him off, but his remark after was awesome! hahaha!

Onto a spiritual thought. Our Mission President sent me in my personal email a part of a quote that the church shared during the funeral of L. Tom Perry. It says “Obedience is a choice. It is a choice between our own limited knowledge and power and God’s unlimited wisdom and omniscience”  I love that quote. It really is profound. To me, it means that everything we do, whether to follow the rules that are set and the commandments, or not, is our choice. If we choose to do what is asked, we are showing to God that His rules are our ultimate goals to complete. When we disobey, we are following our knowledge, and we aren't accepting God's hand in our lives. But when we choose to obey, we are allowing God to direct us and do what we should. It refers me to Mosiah 4:9, where it says that God comprehends all that man does not comprehend. He knows what is best for us. It gives me a bigger desire to obey, so that God can direct me on the right path, on His path.

May you all be blessed and receive further guidance from the Lord as we choose to follow his commandments and accept His guidance in our lives. :)

Con amor,
Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note:  Parker and I were e-chatting about how he has 4 months left on his mission and he said June is when he got his mission call and so we're at that same 4 month waiting point. 2 years ago was waiting to go on his mission in October and now it's 4 months waiting to come home. Crazy!

We also got to talk to him for about 20 minutes on Tuesday because he and Elder Porter had to help the Mission President with some computer stuff. Which is good because we weren't thinking...but on Sunday June 14th it's Parker's birthday!!!  

We forgot to give him Birthday wishes on Monday so Tuesday he was smothered with emails and pictures wishing him a Happy Birthday this Sunday! :)

That cake was full of ice cream and cake. 

They bought it thinking my birthday was this last saturday.... oops. ;)

"Us at the activity"  (I like the photobomb guy in the back)

"A painting of Zeus on a building!"

"Us with tacos"

(Funny thing Parker said, "I miss Mexican Food so much,
those tacos were so good."  we all laughed back here in Utah
because we thought that was his main diet. Rice and beans. haha)