Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mother's note: I wrote to Parker about what his uncle told us about what he did on his mission for Gripe. Basically antibiotics.  Now here is Elder Weiss' email...

First of all, I TOLD YOU GRIPE WASN'T THAT BIG OF A DEAL. hahahah I still have it, and I have been taking the pills. It's slowly going away. Elder Victoria has it too, so I think we keep regiving it to each other, hahah. Anyways, I will get on to my week now.

Tuesday - I went out all day with Elder Victoria in his area. Met a lot of his families which was awesome. We talked a lot and he helped a lot with my Spanish. But ya, that was a fun day!

Wednesday - We had district meeting in the morning, then in the afternoon, we went to Nicauri's. Michael was there so we taught them both. It sounds like Nicauri really really wants to get married for her baptism that we have a goal for the 5th with her. She keeps telling him to marry her, but now she is threatening leaving. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Make sacrifices for the Lord. She is awesome, and she is doing the right thing though. As of now, we're still waiting though. Then we taught some families. The usual stuff.

Thursday - Went to Palave, and taught some new investigators with a member up there. To be honest, they are all girls, and they are a little bit..... showy.... so we haven't been back to teach them. The only reason they listen is because we are walking green cards basically. But hey, we taught Hermano Reyes, and he loves that he gets to come to church every week once again. I love it too! That was about it for this day that was worth talking about haha.

Friday - Zone Meeting in the morning!! Got to meet all the new people. Then we ate at a Pica Pollo (basically a KFC) and then we got home, and left to work. We taught Ernasto again and he seems to be getting it. We also went out with our Ward Mission leader to go teach Nicauri and Suhenne, but both of them weren't home.

Saturday - We went to go check out a house we were looking at, around noon. Nice house, had a water heater!!!!!!!! But I don't think we are going to get it. Too far away you know. Anyways, we were going to head to Palave today, but because of circumstances, had to change plans and we stayed down in Hato Nuevo and got fired by ALL of our investigators. Just trials is all. :) We ended up spending a lot of time with members that day. Oh but I forgot, we did have lunch with the family Lara, the Utah family as I call them, and we finished teaching them the Plan of Salvation.

Sunday - Well Maxi Lara, the dad of the family Utah, showed up to church today. Said he enjoyed it very much and whenever he doesn't have work on Sundays he will be attending. Dang good feeling! I woke up with a nasty cough, and Elder Hope had a headache way bad, so we came home and slept for a bit. Then about 3 we left and got fired again by all our investigators, so we went to an investigators house of the other two elders with the ward. That was a neat experience. That was all that really happened. Nothing major.

Monday - Woke up, cleaned, went to a members and made dumplings, then played some dominoes, and now I am here!

So ya, way fun week full of trials, but hey, they were all worth it! I learned a lot this week, and I am super grateful for all that I have. Oh, haven't received the letter from Goodpapa yet, but I am waiting for that! Anyways, trust in the Lord, he knows everything we are struggling with and is always willing to help, we just have to ask first. I am grateful for this glad gospel message. I love being here. It is an amazing work. Stay awesome, love you so much!

Haz lo justo,
Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note: I asked Parker what it meant when he said his investigator's "fired" them. He said it is when you make an appointment with an investigator and when you show up they aren't home.