Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sounds way exciting this week! I love hearing how I was a good influence to so many people in the ward. Makes me feel super good! And yes I did hear from Zane his mission call! Super awesome! I am so proud of him. This work is amazing and I absolutely love it! So here was my week! 

Elder Weiss with 1st Companion Elder Zilm.
Tuesday - Well this day we said goodbye to Elder Vargas, and said hello to Elder Soto! He is from the DR and only has 5 weeks left in his mission. He's kind of a work out junkie and has been taking us to a gym at a members house every morning since Tuesday, so I've been working out real good this week!!! But ya, we got him, and then me and my companion were planning on leaving the house at two, but right before we were about to leave, water came back to the house and started coming out of all the pipes again, which we lost it last week, so we filled up all our tanks and stuff to prepare to lose it again. Luckily, water has stayed since this day (prayer answered right there) but this day we received to much water. For some reason, one of our drains in the house was shooting out water and mud all day, and we couldn't find out why, and it was flooding the house. So for 2 hours straight, I sat at this drain and swept all this muddy water into the next nearest drain. It stops randomly, but it keeps happening. Luckily its never been that bad again so we usually just leave it. Anyways, we left around 6 because we were forced to, and only talked to the bishop that night about what is going on in our zone. Really good talk. Very needed. 

Wednesday - Well we taught Nicauri and she had questions about marriage, and so we talked to her about that. Sounds like marriage is in the near future! Hopefully, because than she can be baptized!!!!! Wooohooo!!! We also went to the Castro's, and taught them a lesson with a kid who isn't a member. He said he'd like to learn more, but with work, hardly ever has time, so its a bit difficult. We'll see! hahah We contacted for about 2 hours and got some promising contacts. Then we finished the night at Erick's house, the member who will be going back to Columbia on his mission soon. We played dominoes with him. Dominoes here is boss. Definitely going to teach you how to play it the DR way when I get home. So fun. :)

Thursday - Don't know if you remember, but on Sunday we had a guy stop us at the church and told us that he wanted to learn about the church cause he has a daughter who is a member in Utah. Well we taught them this day, and let me tell you, this family has been prepared to hear this message. They are all very receptive. It's a family of a mom, dad, a daughter, and two granddaughters. They all are very interested to learn more, and its nice to see. We taught them the first lesson and they brought up amazing points. Oh, and I found out their daughter lives in Provo, Utah. Oh and also, she is trying to get her dad a visa so that he can live their with them. It's very possible he will go, and I will be able to see him frequently after my mission! Super sweet! Anyways, after we taught that family, we went to Palave, and visited with Hermano Reyes. He is basically my grandpa on the mission. Just the sweetest guy ever. Love him to death. I wish I could just carry him in my backpack with me all day. Hahah he kinda looks like a black old man from the movie Up. haha, so anyways taught him and just love spending time with him.
Elder Weiss in Palave.

Friday - We worked with our ward mission leader all day this day. He had a reference for us, which turned out to be a guy that sells hamburgers, called chimis, on the corner of our street, so we already knew him a little bit. His name is Ernasto, and he is a boss. Love this guy. He wants to learn a lot, but also needs to come to church. We also visited members a lot, and we tried to go to Nicauri's and Suhenne's but they both weren't there. Bummer!

Saturday - Again worked with the ward mission leader. We went back to the Familia Laura, the family who has a daughter in Utah. The only person who was there was Maxi, the dad. So we taught him with our WML, and Maxi told us he is planning on getting married, just out of the blue. Super awesome, because that is a key thing that needs to happen before baptism! I really hope this family keeps progressing! We also again went to Ernasto's. We taught both him and his wife this time. He understands the Restoration of the Gospel really well. He's really easy to teach, just needs to come to church darn it! hahah

Another view of Palave.
Sunday - Went to church, was fasting like a boss, and then after church made spaghetti for the house. YUM! Then we went up to Palave and talked to Hermano Reyes again. He made mention he wants to get married in the Temple with his wife. They have 26 years together and haven't been legally married yet, which is common here, but he wants that, and to be sealed for eternity too. Its just sad, that for 26 years, he and his wife had the opportunity to visit the temple and be sealed and hadn't done it. Imagine the blessings they missed, but now they won't anymore. :) We're preparing them to go to the temple now, and it is an amazing feeling. Anyways, after a long talk with them, we had to go to the church for Ward Council. That was good. Sounds like the missionaries will be getting a lot of help from members soon, which is very needed!
Elder Weiss in Palave.

Monday - Today we went to our Zone Leader's chapel and played games, then got to the internet center. Here I am! Nothing exciting. hahah

So that was my week! I love being a missionary, and the experiences I have, I wouldn't change for the world. No matter what happens in my life, whether good or bad, I am proud to say I made the choice to bring others this message. You get bad news constantly as a missionary, stuff that brings you down past your knees, but all you got to do is have faith that the Lord's plan for you is in play, and that the things that are happening are all part of your plan. I love this gospel, and I will forever stay strong to it.I have realized the importance it has made it my life. I will never change my standards, or my beliefs. This gospel is amazing. I love it and am so grateful to live it every day. I hope you are doing well. I can't wait to hear from you. :) Love you dad, and family as well!!!

Elder Weiss

Elder Weiss being silly.
Happy not to be eating rice & beans.

Some kind of flying insect. Dragonfly? Really big.

Elder Weiss and his new companion Elder Hope.