Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014 (4 Months out!)

 So my week. Here it goes!

On Tuesday - We cleaned our house in the morning because we had inspections the next day. We cleaned so hard because we had a competition with the zone. Whoever got the best score, the rest of the zone had to buy the winners free pizza, so we cleaned all morning! Also,We had a bunch of visits set up with a bunch on investigators like Nicauri, but all of them fell through, so me and my companion did a super hard day of contacting for 4 hours. We didn't teach anyone on the spot, but we got a ton of sitas set for the next day. All in all it was good, but it just made me super tired. I learned a lot about my companion though! The kid is awesome, and such a hard worker!

On Wednesday - Had our inspection in the morning They gave us our score, an 89, which ended up being the highest score, so we won free pizza from our zone!!!!!!! Super awesome!!!! Anyways, after that, we went over to one of our new investigator's houses. Can't remember her name, but we taught her the first lesson and she seemed to be getting it, then she got some sort of lock jaw or something and couldn't talk because it hurts so bad, so she told us to come back this coming Wednesday. That was awesome though. Really. hahaha We went contacting some more that day, and met a girl named Suhenne, who had been taught by missionaries previously and still wants to learn more. She had two other girls at her house with her at the time and we found out one was baptised and just hasn't visited the church but she said she is going to try to come this week!!! So ya, we got two new investigators, and one less active in that. We taught them the first lesson on the spot, and the spirit was so strong, when I asked her to pray she said the most beautiful prayer and began crying. Just simply amazing. The Lord has prepared her and these two other girls. I can tell they will be ready for baptism soon.

On Thursday - We went to Palave and taught all the less actives (Menos activos en Espanol) up there. One of them, Hermano Reyes, is a tailorer, and he has been tailoring all my shirts to be fitted for free. I will tell you what, the style here is fitted shirts, every missionary has them, and I can see why. They aren't all baggy and so much better. Anyways, we also taught him an awesome lesson. He has such a strong spirit with him. He was the same guy who hadn't assisted the church for 10 or so year before we started talking to him. Now he comes every week, and I just love him. :)

On Friday - Well we finally lost water on Friday in our house. It left and it was hard for my companion. First time he's lost water in a house before. I made burgers for the house the Five Guys way, and I will tell you what, I missed a good burger and a coke! Hahaha But this day was overall hard. We tried to go to Nicauris again but she wasn't there. She is having a kid soon and she told us she's been having pains, so I am just hoping she is doing alright. We taught Suhenne again and the other two ladies, and had another bomb lesson. We talked all through the restoration of the gospel. She has faith it is all true which is just amazing. She says she wants her husband to hear, which I think is the best. Everyone should hear this glad message. :) We did a lot more contacting this day and got fired a ton. Also, me and my companion came down with some sort of sickness. Don't know what it is but we both lost our appetites and had upset stomachs all day. It was only for this day though. Kinda weird.

On Saturday - We went to Palave again and told everyone up there to assist the 6 baptisms that were happening at 6 that night. None showed up. But ya, there were six baptisms this day! 5 for the other missionaries, and one for the ward. It just makes me want to work harder to get all of my investigators to receive the Holy Ghost too! They all need to get married first! Ay mi madre!!!!!

On Sunday - So we got to church and before we walked in a guy was driving past on a motorcycle and stopped us and said that him and his wife want to learn more about this church because there daughter is a member and lives in UTAH!!!!!! I was like, whoa, what???????? He didn't have time to talk that day, so I took his number down and his name and we're going to call him tomorrow and go teach him. That was awesome. Oh and after church, we taught Suhenne again. She is learning quickly and is already getting the lessons about baptism. We are going to ask if she wants to get baptized probably tomorrow. I am really excited for that. :) Oh then in the night, it is time for TRANSFERS. So we waited for the call to find out if we are leaving or staying. The call came. Elder Vargas is leaving the area. Elder Victoria is staying. My companion is staying. And strangly..... I am.......staying too. hahah I knew that though. Anyways, there will be a little of a switch in the house this week. We'll find out tomorrow who the new guy is.

Today - Woke up and went and played basketball with some members, then went to receive our reward for having the cleanest house out of the zone, free pizza with the zone!!!!!!!!!! Then I went around with Elder Vargas and said goodbye to all the people in the ward with him, and that is why I wasn't able to get on until now. Oh and then when we got to the internet center I had to wait 30 minutes for a free computer, but I am on now!!!!!!!! :) That was my crazy insane week. Been thinking alot, learning alot, and just realizing who I really am. I can't express how amazing it is to be a missionary and to have all these amazing blessings and miracles every single day in my life. I just can't express my love for this gospel. It is just amazing.

Sorry it was a good week so I had a lot to write. I forgot my chord to connect my camera to the computer but I will have pictures for you next week about stuff for this week and next week I promise. Anyways, if you are online, I would love to talk! Recuerda que el Señor sabe todas las cosas lo que paso en nuestras vidas. Este es un mensaje muy importante. Yo tengo mucho amor por esta iglesia. Ser un misionero es el mejor cosa que yo tuve la opurtinidad hacer. Ahora, yo se que mi Padre Eternal tiene amor para mi y todas las personas en el mundo!!!! I'm sending you my love and prayers, like always!!!!!!!!!!!

Con amor,
Elder Weiss