Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From Monday, February 3, 2014

I heard the Superbowl was lame. Something like the Seahawks owned the Broncos big or something??? Ah well.Tuesday was pretty normal, we went and taught our investigator Nicauri again, but this time, her boyfriend was there. We told them straight up they had to get married in order for Nicauri to get baptized. It was a little harsh, but it was what was needed.

 Oh and that night we went over to a members house, The Castros, who are the ones that the dad is a professional baseball player, and we got to go watch him teach his son and a couple other kids a little bit of baseball. I like to relate the gospel to sports. Its like this, in this sense, The Coach of the time is our Heavenly Father and the Assistant Coach is Jesus Christ. They both tell us how to do things correctly from the beginning, and then they just watch. As we "play", or in this sense, go through life, they shout out to us and tell us we are doing something wrong. Now we have the chance to either change that to make us better, or not listen and continue to play wrong. If you don't change, you will be able to play the game and finish it, but you wouldn't be able to say you finished it as best as you could have. That is why we have our teammates who are out on the field with us, or the Holy Ghost. They are there to give us help when we need a little talk when we cant fully hear our coaches speaking. All in all, its a team effort, with one goal: To make you the best player you can possibly be. :) That is my analogy. :)

 Anyways, Wednesday we went contacting in a new area and got some new contacts, which was awesome. Thursday my companion had gripe bad so we stayed home. Friday we went and visited with members and had a zone meeting, which was pretty casual. Saturday we went and taught our new contacts that we contacted on Wednesday. Only one of them was home, but so far she seems to be an awesome new investigator. We cant teach her until next week because she wont be home, but that was good. We also went to Nicauri´s house that day. She wasn't home, which was a bummer.

 Oh, a girl yelled at us from the street and told us she was taught before by Elders and wanted to learn more. We told her we could pass by after church the next day so she said that would work. Then on Sunday, the first person we see at church is this lady!!!!! So amazing! And it was Fast Sunday too! Looks like some of the things I was fasting for like receiving new investigators came to pass quicker than I thought!!! It was awesome. But after church we went to her house and she wasn't there, so we will try her again tomorrow! Oh we also had a Ward Council Meeting at night too, so that was sweet. And today we got up and played baseball in the morning with some other missionaries! I got pictures of that, so I will send those soon! But that was my week!!! :) Anyways, sorry to hear that you've been moving a bunch of boxes! Hopefully that hasn't killed your back! Health wise, I am fine right now, but my back is just pain!!!!! But oh well, I will live. Anyways, that was life this week! I love you guys!!!!

Elder Weiss :)

(Heather was able to email "chat" with him for a bit and she asked him about his back and a bit more about Nicauri and her boyfriend's response. Here was his reply).

He is a member, but he is less active, hardly ever shows up, so when we told them that, the reason they say they haven't is "because of the time they've been together." So my comp asked "do you love her?" He was like, ya.... and then he asked Nicauri "Do you love him?" She said claro, which means obviously. hahah so then he was like, "what are you waiting for then?" basically. then he kinda avoided that..... so ya, he wants her to get baptized though because he knows it is right and its what she wants, so we'll see how that goes! My back is just in pain because of all the service we did by building that house, then carrying a bag with books all day... it just stings. I asked my companion to do it (pop his back) yesterday and I felt it pop, so my back should be getting better soon. It feels better today which is nice. :)

(We were able to chat more, but that's a personal conversation. The pictures he sent us will be posted soon.)