Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

My week was good! Strange and different and oh so difficult, but that is okay! OnTuesday we stayed down in Hato Nuevo and worked with some members. We didn't have any sitas with investigators, which was a bummer that day, so that was just working with members. On Wednesday we went to Palave and finally got to teach an investigator we have had but couldn't find before. His name is Frank and we taught him his first lesson. He seems to like it, but he can´t come to church because he works all day on Sundays. I have faith and pray that his boss will change his schedule like he asked for, so that he´ll be able to attend church!!

On Thursday we worked super hard and got to teach Nicauri and that was awesome. Way fun lesson. She still needs to be married, so we´re waiting on that still. Oh and we went contacting for 4 hours that day. Only got 5 new contacts, so that was a bit humbling, but what can you do. Here is where the week gets strange. As we were in bed, we got a call and they wanted to talk to Elder Zilm. He left the bedroom, and when he came back he told me he was leaving tomorrow. So ya, Elder Zilm got special transferred into a new area to become a Zone Leader there. So I helped him pack all that night. I was just really confused and thought it was a joke, because transfers are this Saturday. But sure enough, Friday morning came, and the Assistants pulled up, and Elder Zilm got in the car and left, and now I have a new companion, Elder Hope. He only has 6 more weeks in the mission than me, he is from Herriman, and his Spanish is struggling, so I am basically training him. Its been hard, because we both don´t really understand the language. I´ve been praying real hard this week for comfort and help with that. So that happened. I know we´ll be fine. I have been showing him around the area from Friday until now, just meeting with members and stuff so he can see the area. So that is how I spent my Valentine´s Day! But nothing strange happened on Saturday.

 We taught Nicauri again and gave her an awesome lesson about Joseph Smith. Then yesterday we contacted some new apartment building and got some new contacts, and a new investigator! It was a good day yesterday!!! And today, we have cleaned the house and slept. I´m in charge of everything right now until Elder Hope learns the area a little better. Its hard but manageable!!! I´ll live! Oh and I forgot to mention, Elder Hope is the boyfriend of Julie Capson. Ya weird, but we were closer at home than we thought. Kinda strange! hahaha oh, and also, about your whole missionary service thing, never be afraid to lend out a hand. I have learned here that no matter who I am talking to or what I am doing, I will always try to incorporate the gospel into it, because you see a change on their face and you can see the joy its putting into their heart and I just love it. This gospel is amazing. Its the one thing that when all else fails, I can get on my knees and pray, and I know I will be alright. Even though this week and probably the next couple weeks are hard, I know I will always be okay. As long as I have faith in the Lord. He is opening up my plan little by little every day. Read Mosiah 4:9. I love teaching out of that scripture. It teaches a lot.

Also we had interviews with President this week. He told me in that that I am going to amount to great things on my mission, and "The Lord has big plans for me in the near future." Made me think a little bit, but I am not going to think that hard about it. That was on Tuesday. It has been fun here. Oh, I got an old authentic baseball glove, right handed, from the guy in my ward who played for the Kansas City Royals. He doesn't use it anymore and never had a lefty to give it to. Its one of the gloves he played with while he was on the team. Super sweet. Very awesome gift that I will treasure always. 

 Anyways, I love you, you are awesome! Make sure to tell the family a big hello for me, and anyone else who has been asking about me. Love you all!
Con amor,
Elder Weiss :)