Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday as you know was P-Day and we finished the night sharing a FHE lessons with a girl and her kids in my ward. On Tuesday, we went and visited with Nicauri and Michael and talked to them more about getting married. I love talking to them, because you just feel the spirit so hard!!! Then on Wednesday we went and contacted all day. Super hard, but way rewarding. Got a bunch of new contacts that could possibly become new investigators!!! :) Just keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out.

Thursday a guy came over to our house and fixed our old washing machine so now we have two in the house, which is super duper convenient! And after that we went over to the Castro's (professional baseball player) and found out that the Elder who baptized them two years ago is coming to visit today and called to see if the missionaries in their area (us) wanted anything from them from the States! We're going to talk to him later tonight at their house, so that will be super awesome. :)

On Friday we went and worked with some members in our ward and did a service for a lady, and deep cleaned her house. Then after that we went around and visited with members all day. Saturday we went up to Palave with the Relief Society and taught all the less actives up there. One of the Relief Society members told all the ladies up there that if they went to church on Sunday she'd give them all chocolate. That day was awesome, because we just followed their lead and they had everything planned so we could relax a little. Then on Sunday all those ladies came to church, and that girl gave them all chocolate like she promised. We got some too though, so it was a good trade for us as well. ;) We even got a member who hasn't been to church in a year show up yesterday! Its just amazing how much influence the members have on people. When they reach out their hands to help, the Lord blesses the people with what they need. What an amazing experience.

Today I went and played baseball at the Zone Leader's church, and tomorrow we have interviews with our President, and I can't wait for that!!!!! But that has been my week! Sadly though, I feel as though my time with Elder Zilm will be ending here coming next transfer, which is sad, because I have gotten so close to him, but I guess we'll see what happens!!!! So that is life.

We still have water in the house, and we haven't received our inverter yet, but it's supposedly on the way. But ya, life here is still pretty normal other than that. We still haven't found another house yet, but as long as I have water, I don't really need to find another! Anyways, I love you, you guys all rock, and thank you for the support! I feel your virtual fatherly arms every day!! hahah so that always helps! Love you all. This gospel is amazing, and I wouldn't trade my mission for anything in the world!!!

Oh and I remember that day with Zane when I stood in for the blessing very well. I too felt another presence there, and I remember my hands were on top and I could feel some one else resting their hands on mine. I brought it up to Zane before he did and he told me he felt it and thought it was his grandpa. Very cool experience. To know that people who aren't even on our earth are still here for us to bless us. Oh which reminds me. I gave a blessing to a girl in our ward yesterday too. I don't know if I did it right or said it correctly, but I knew the spirit was guiding me. Just awesome, the power of blessings. What a blessing it is to have this priesthood power!!

Con amor,
Elder Weiss :)