Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sounds like you had a great week, even though you had to give a talk! Glad I was able to help out there with the talk though. And so far, on the house thing, nothing is really changed. Same old same old. However this house still has water, and we just found out they should be putting an inverter into our house soon, which basically makes a car battery power into light when light leaves the house. Hopefully we'll get that soon!!!! But ya, so far, as long as we have water, I am fine! And yes, I am feeling better, hallelujah!!! 

Alright, so my week.... where to start. Well the beginning of this week was pretty average, did a lot of contacting and stuff. On tuesday we talked a lot with members, but on Thursday we had another intercambio, which is when one of the Zone Leaders switches companions with someone in another area for a day! So I got to be in my area with a Zone Leader on Thursday and he only spoke spanish, so that was tough! But we got so much done that day. I was the leader all day that day, and as I took him, Elder Chunga, out of the house to start working, a girl yelled at us and stopped us and told us she had had a "revelation" last night of guys in white, with ties and a black plaque, riding bicycles and holding a blue book and told us that she believed it was us. Pretty nuts! So we set up time the next day to go to her house when I would have Elder Zilm with me again, and we went to her house the next day and nothing.... she wasn't there... bummer.

But anyways, continuing with Thursday, Elder Chunga and I contacted a ton and contacted 26 new people that are all potential new investigators! We haven't gotten a chance to meet any of them yet because they are never home, which bothers me! Oh well. Oh and me and Elder Chunga went and taught Nicauri on Thursday and I literally gave the entire lesson. And at the end of it, I told her she was ready for baptism, but then I laid it down hard and said she needs to get married first before she can be baptized. That kind of struck her, but in a good way, because she agreed with me! Then she told me later she had never felt the spirit before, so I explained what the spirit was and that she probably has felt it, and then I felt the need to sing my favorite hymn, "Come, Come, Ye Saints." So I sang a solo right then and there in her house, and she told me she could feel it. Absolutely the best feeling ever. 

So that was Thursday. I spent the night with all latinos, so I could only speak Spanish!!! Oh andFriday I got Elder Zilm back and we did a service for a member. We basically built a house from scratch for him. He was adding onto his house, so we blueprinted it, put up all the walls, and did the concrete and ceiling. It's finished now. :) I forgot my camera, so I will show you pictures of that next week. :)

 So that was Friday, andSaturday my companion was super sick, so we stayed home all day which was a real bummer. Oh and so Sunday, we went to church, and then after that went to members houses and Nicauri's again. Nothing new with her that time. And today, we played basketball with the zone, and as we were coming home, my companion may have done something really bad to his foot. We aren't sure right now, but he is a trooper!!!! Oh and I gave myself an awesome goose-egg on the top of my head while getting out of the Guagua!! So that was my fantastic week. :) So ya, pretty basic week.... hahaha I love you guys! Keep staying strong! And thank you for keeping me updated on things!

Your Son, 
Elder Weiss