Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

So here is how my week went! Luckily we still have water and we are doing fine!
Me and my companion have been at home with gripe,a sickness where you cough, have a sore throat, can not stop puking and basically can not keep anything in you. Not fun. I have had it twice in the field already. Anyways, we could not go out and do any work because of it so I have been at the house almost all week studying and marking up my scriptures, which to be honest, is much needed. I have learned so much this
week just from reading the scriptures! That does not mean we did not go out or get any new investigators. We got a couple and are planning on teaching them this week because we are both at the end of our gripe cycle. We only cough now, so other than that we are good.

 We had a house check this week, and we passed. Oh but we found out that the other house we were looking at got denied. :( Big bummer, but oh well. We also became really good friends with our neighbors now. Since we were home all week we helped a lot with service around our apartments so they all like us now, so that is good. :)

We got a call last night since transfers are this Wednesday and me and my companion will still be together in the same area to finish up my training, although we were told he was one of three Elders that was picked to go and replace one of the Elders in the office, so I was scared for a day that he would leave me early. Scariest part is if he would have gone to the office, I probably would have started training, and I barely know the language!!! Ay mi madre! But all is well. Our house doesn't change except Elder Escalante is leaving because he finishes his mission on Wednesday, so we will have one new guy in the house but that will be it. Other than that, it has been a pretty basic week!

OH!!! I did get the package you guys sent
finally! We went to a meeting for trainers and they had it there for me. Lets just say I loved it! NUTELLA!!!! YES!!!!! Sweet Nutella! hahahah but no, all the quotes and stuff were awesome, very well thought out, and
cutesy. They are all above my work station now. Oh and the cards were awesome! Loved all the notes. And the rick roll..... well played! hahaha so funny!!! We are making the brownies tonight since it is Elder Escalantes last day with us so we will see how that goes. Also I have some pictures I will post so that will be fun! hahaha but ya! Basic week other than that! I hope you are all doing good! Tell me all about how life is and all that good jazz! Love you and I am proud of you all!
Elder Escalantes and Elder Weiss

Elder Weiss :)