Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2013

 So my week, well to start, me and my companion are staying together in the same area for another six weeks! Oh, and the new Elder, Elder Victoria, is from Columbia! Freaking awesome dude! Love this kid! He's got this way deep manly voice that I am jealous of. Hahah :) Oh also, this week we had 4 investigators come to church! That was amazing! Oh and one of them is ready for baptism!!!!!!!! Her name is Nicauri! We don't have a date, and we haven't asked her yet, but she told us that she wanted to join the church badly. She just has to be married first, but then she is ready! So amazing how the Lord is preparing people for his gospel. :) Also, I got bad bad gripe, that sickness, last night, to the point where I was basically dry heaving all night. It was soooo bad. I couldn't even eat yesterday, it was horrible! It's gone now, except for the cough.... but  hey, overall I have felt better!!! Also, we had to go to the office today because the President wanted to talk to me and my companion. It was a little strange, because we didn't have that planned. Yesterday we went to a meeting with Elder Cornish from the quorum of the seventy. That rocked!!!! So good! But after that is when our President asked us to come to the office today. So we went, and I had a weird feeling the whole time we were heading over there. When we got there he took my companion in his office and talked for an hour, then got me. He told me that next transfer, he is going to need more trainers, so he was asking my companion if he thought I was ready. My companion said yes, and so he was checking to see how ready I was. Basically we talked the entire time in Spanish and I understood most of it. At the end, he said "You're ready." and then told me how there will be a high chance of me training next transfer. NUTS!! I barely know this language and I am going to start TRAINING!!!! Crazy! But I feel ready. Anyways after that we exercised and came here. That has been my crazy week! :) Hope all is well! Love you mom!!!! :) 
Elder Weiss :)

Elder Weiss showing his Nutella he got for Christmas!

Note from his mom:  I asked in various emails if he has seen a doctor which he hasn't yet because it's an hour walk away and difficult to get there but he promised he will try. He did say he's feeling better. I asked if he lost more weight. He said he actually gained some weight but with this last bout of vomiting and not able to eat anything he lost 2 more pounds. As of Monday, he assured me he feels much better and is just coughing. This last week he was able to get out a lot so that was good.  Also, he sent a beautiful email to his dad that I will upload portions here on his blog as soon as I get a copy of it. So look for that in the next few days. :)
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