Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tuesday - We went to Palave today, and this is when we meant our new investigator, Roberto. He is 13, and his mom is a less active. We found him at the church one day. He is very quiet but he is awesome. He want's to learn a lot, but can't read so his mom has been helping him read. Its been good. He is learning a lot!!! 
Elder Hope and Elder Weiss

Wednesday - We taught Nicauri and found out that she and Michael are having problems, and it sounds like she might be leaving and going back to her home in Azua. There she will be able to receive her baptism, but sadly Elder Hope and I will not be the ones to do it. We told her to pray about it and she says she´s been praying real hard and is waiting for a for sure answer. Oh we also found out she is only 18 and has a kid that is due NEXT MONTH. Ya that was a shocker. hahah After that we tried to go to the Familia Lara, but no one was there at the house, so we went contacting for about 2 hours!!!

Thursday - Went back to Palave. Hermano Reyes has been having real struggles with his leg recently and is not able to work, so we gave him a blessing. He then gave thanks to both me and Elder Hope because we are the people, as he says, that brought him back into the church. Before us, he went inactive for 10 years, and didn't want to assist, but he said that there was something about us two that made him rethink that. He thanks us for bringing him back to the gospel and is now one of our strongest members. He is also planning to get sealed in the temple soon and has asked Elder Hope and I to personally assist that. What an honor. We don´t know when that will be, but President has approved it for us to go. :) We also taught Morena, Jason´s Mom, again. She gave us a ton of fresh fruit that I have been using to make smoothies. Sooo good. We are still waiting for her papers.

Friday - We had a Zone Conference from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. I saw Elder Zilm again, and it was way good to catch up! Missed him! The conference was good, I learned a lot. Then we went over to Nicauri´s in the night. She said she is still waiting for an answer, so we talked about how to receive answers to our prayers!

Saturday - In the morning we went and taught Ernasto and gave him a Book of Mormon. He told us he would read it and ponder and all that good stuff, which felt real good. We went to our Ward Mission Leaders house this day and had lunch and then started a special fast with him for our investigators and the ward. That was good. Then we left to Palave and walked one hour to find out no one was there!!!! So we walked home and went to Morena´s again and taught them a little lesson.

Sunday - Well we had no investigators at church, so after church we ate at a members house then went to Familia Lara´s, the Utah family. Again, the Dad wasn't there like on Wednesday, but the daughter was, so we taught her and gave her a Book of Mormon for her and for her dad. We then went around and visited with investigators. Tried to teach Ernasto but he wasn't there.

Monday - Went shopping, cleaned the house, now I am here! That is all for this week! Good tough, but rewarding week!!!