Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

Man what a week it has been! Lots has happened, and I will try to remember it all! So here goes nothing. Tuesday - Only normal day of the week. We went to Palave today and did the regular stuff there. Not much to talk about at all. Hahaha so we'll just skip this day hahah.

Elder Weiss and Hope in Santo Domingo Temple
Wednesday - We got to go to the temple!!!!!!! Oh man did I miss the temple! I can't explain to you what a blessing it is to have so many in Utah, I definitely missed being there. It's just a better place. It really is heaven on earth! My dumb thing I did though was I forgot my temple recommend, the one time I need it. Haha so I had to get re-interviewed by my Mission President to enter. That was fun. But that's okay. Just pulled a typical Utah Mormon and forgot the one thing that you need. Hahah after that, we went to Johnny Rockets!! Real american food! It was soooo good! Definitely missed a good burger! Then we went home, and we met all of Nicauri's family because they were visiting this week from Azua. We taught them a quick lesson, and that is how that day went. Good day!
Mission President Rodriguez and his wife.
Thursday - We worked with a member up in Palave this day! Turned out to be an awesome day! He helped us a lot and we got about 4 new investigators up there. We are going to try to teach them all this week. Hopefully they'll all be there. But we talked with Hermano Reyes, and he told us that he will be really sad when I leave because I brought him back to the church. I explained how he needs to love the church for the church, and not for the missionaries. He told me he will always stay faithful, I just helped him re-see the light. Made me feel really good. :)

Friday - With worked again with a member, Erick, today. He was out on his mission in Columbia a year ago so he was a great help. We worked in Hato Nuevo. First person we taught was Maxi and his family, the one who has the daughter in Utah. Well we finished up the Plan of Salvation with him and then gave him a date for his baptism. The 3rd of May! He accepted and it was an amazing spirit there. We are going to try to get the rest of his family for the same date! Well after we taught them, we taught Suhenne. We also gave her a baptism date for the same day, so that was amazing. Then Suhenne, who hasn't assisted the church yet, began randomly bearing her testimony. She told us she has been praying real hard and she has received answers that this is the only true church. It was an amazing appointment with her. I pray for her every day that she'll be able to attend church soon!

Elder Victoria, Elder Soto, Elder Hope and Elder Weiss
Saturday - In Palave again. We stumbled upon some guys up there that could speak fluent English. They accepted the lessons and we told them we cant preach in English (Its too hard, I've tried) But we told them they can respond in english if they'd like. One of these guys actually already has assisted church. This week actually (so in this email, tomorrow, on Sunday). Really cool to see him having that much faith. It will be fun to teach them.

Sunday - Good day at church. We had Roberto and that new guy assist church this week, which was great, and after church we got fired by everyone, minus Suhenne. She asked us why we don't drink coffee, so we taught her the Word of Wisdom. She doesn't do anything but coffee, and it's barely anything. She told us her doctor told her she needed to stop anyways, so now if it's a commandment from God she for sure will stop. It was awesome. She got such big faith! I love her. I really learn more from her then she does from me I think. Haha

Monday - Made dumplings and slept. Great day right? Oh and I cleaned clothes. Haha

Elder Victoria and Elder Weiss enjoying food at Johnny Rockets
I am so excited for Conference this week. Pay close attention this week. We don't get to hear from the prophet every single day. Something I learned this week: The importance of Prayer. God is always listening. You can be having a horrible time throughout the week, but if you always have that prayer in your heart, the Lord will be able to help you. Trust me, being a missionary is not easy. It's like being a basketball player who trained his whole life to be a gymnast. You have some of the skills you need, but every time you go out on to the court, or in this case, the field, you learn something new. The other players help you out and teach you important things, so that one day you can be the best. But for now, we are just learning, and you can't learn without a coach, our Heavenly Father. Always listen to him and talk to him, because he will always help. Love you all!!! You're in my prayers!!

Santo Domingo Temple
Yes that is a snake. 
Elder Weiss