Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

What a week it was. Very different. Here they have a thing called Semana Santa, or Holy Week. They dont celebrate Easter, they celebrate a whole weeks worth. So I will explain as I go!

Tuesday - Well we did some good work today. Worked with a lot of new investigators that we sadly ended up dropping. We also found out in the night that Dominga, our best investigator right now, has commited to being baptized!! She is getting baptized on the 3rd! How exciting!!!!!!!

Wednesday - Because of Semana Santa, we had no appointments with any of our investigators, and so we got out of the house at 2, and contacted until 9. HARD DAY. No one even showed a sense of interest in us. And it sucked. So we walked and talked all day with no improvement. We contacted 48 people that day.

Thursday - Same thing as Wednesday, but we had a couple of appointments scattered throughout that aren't worth mentioning. But one guy did tell us something I like. He said "You guys come out here and tell everyone you have a message for them, and even if I may be drinking like crazy, everyone deserves a chance, right?" Well the dude was right. I liked what he said. He was drinking a ton. But we gave him a chance. We set up a sita (Appointment) with him the next day.

Friday - So that guy from yesterday was super drunk and didn't even remember us, so that failed. Hahah funny but hey, still like what he said. We played some games at the church that the church had set up, and suprisingly a lot of our investigators showed up to play! So hey, at least we now have interest!

Saturday - We had Habichuelas con dulces at the church, which is a Dominican thing. Literally translates to Beans with candy. Not what it is though. Hay mi madre, it is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make it for everyone who wants it when I get home. We also after that, contacted again all day. Only 3 people listened to us, and they weren't interested. So ya....

Sunday - Church was great, even though we had no investigators at church. I have been called as the Ward Pianist..... and it sucks because I can't read piano notes. Luckily, all I do is press a button and the music plays itself. I just have to sit up at the piano all day, so that is fun. Hahah But we went around to only members all day this day just to get some support from them in the upcoming weeks. We also visited a girl named Yanei, who we just barely gave a Book of Mormon too, and she is already almost finished with 1 Nephi. Now that is some faith right there. She is awesome.

Today - We went to a MANSION of a member in our ward. And ya, it has an amazing view. I will send pictures soon. But hey, pretty relaxing day!

So that was my week. I loved Easter Sunday. Best day we had this week. It was a hard week to work because of Semana Santa. I definitely learned more about patience though, which Mom and Dad would say "Its about time..." hahaha But I now understand the importance of trying until you cant anymore. It was a good week regardless. Love you all! Keep doing awesome in all the things you are doing. I hit 6 months out on my mission on Wednesday, and boy, I dunno. Time goes to fast! But hey, the Lord will provide a way for me to do the most with these next 18 months! Love you all!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Weiss :)   (Below is a baptism at chapel in Borahona, the ocean & a mansion)