Friday, May 2, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

WHAT A WEEK. I´m jumping right into it. :)

Tuesday - Basic day. Had a bunch of sitas or as they say it in english,
appointments. So ya, lots of our investigators have lost desire to do
anything, so we gave them little harsher lesson about the importance of
doing your part and we decided as a companionship if they don't come of
Sunday to church that we have to leave them, because they just arent
progressing. So that was this day. Just a lot of those.

Wednesday - Okay so Tuesday night all the other Elders from our zone came
to sleep in our house, because Wednesday morning we had to be up and in a
bus to drive for two hours to go have a conference with the president and a
bunch of other zones, like regular. So at 7 in the morning we were on a bus
and we didnt get to the other chapel until 9 30. Shows how far away we are
from civilization. Rocked though. More sleep. ;) But when we got there, we
could tell something was up. Our President leaves in May, that is when his
mission finishes, but at this conference, we found out, in a very sudden
way, that he is leaving this week. So like, this Tuesday, our President is
done. It was a very very sad meeting, but chocked full of the spirit. It
was so strong. I have gotten really close to our President here. But hey, I
hope one day I will talk to him again. So ya, big shocker day for that one.
We couldn´t work today either because we got home so late, so ya, oh well!

Thursday - Worked hard. We talked to Dominga about being prepared for her
date for baptism on the 3rd. She told us that she isn´t ready right now. .
. . so sad, but we changed her date for the 17th of May, and we are
preparing her harder than ever for that. We know she knows its all true,
she just has to take the jump of faith.

Friday - To be honest, we contacted a lot this day. Our new investigator
Franklin, is temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, and he just may be
the most prepared person for this gospel I have ever met. He told us he
wants to be baptized in the one true church, the Church of Christ, but he
hasnt found it yet. He listens to us very intently and when we finished
teaching the Restoration to him, he told us "This is it. This is the church
I have been searching for." Powerful spìrit. Amazing man. We are working
really hard with him. Another girl we met this day seems to be prepared as
well. Her name is Elizabeth, and she understands a lot. So we´ll see how it
goes with her-

Saturday - We started a special fast for our investigators this day. It was
good. We worked way hard. We had 9 sitas (appointments) and 22 contacts
just this day. Sadly though, as we were walking, it was really dark, and I
ate it hard in the night. I got soooo torn up on my hand. IT HURT. But don't
worry. I am fine and cleaned it really well. I´ll send a picture. Hahaha

Sunday - We had 4 investigators at church, including Dominga and Elizabeth,
our new investigator. So that was great! They learned a lot I believe. We
also had a ton of meetings so we couldn´t do a lot today. But it was
awesome to have a lot of interest this week. However, we did end up
dropping 4 of the investigators that showed no interest. The desire is
gone. Sad, but we can't force people to choose the right.

Well that was my week. Short and sweet. Mom, I will be calling via Skype on
Mother´s Day, so I will explain more as time winds down to that, but I just
wanted you to be aware that you´ll get to see this good looking kid again.
And by good looking, I mean moderately decent looking, or even ugly man....
You choose. But you will see me! Hahah I love you all! Keep studying the
scriptures. Thing I learned this week: People are ALWAYS watching and
learning from your example. It doesn't matter who it is. We are the ones who
are here to set the example for what we stand for as a church. Let's not
waist the opportunity to let someone know about the gospel just because
they think we act a certain way. Let them know, with power, that we are
Mormons, and we do have a message that can bless their lives forever.

Con mucho amor,
Les quiero,
Elder Weiss