Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014 (A tough week)

Holy good gravy this week has been a week. That is for sure. I will jump right into it. This will be long....

MONDAY - So to explain what happened, electricity left, and I had to leave! That is why the  skype session ended midway during my prayer! Sorry! But when we left it rained so hard that day, literally every street was a river. It was a mess. And you better believe I worked in that. I didn't have my umbrella either (WOOPS) So I just took it like a man. hahaha

TUESDAY - We got in contact with a guy that we haven't seen in a while. Julio Cesar. He told us to stop by around 5 this day, so we went with a member. He used to be a pastor in another church, and he has read the Book of Mormon twice, and Jesus the Christ, but never got baptized. He sounded like he had a change of heart, but when we got there he just started going off on us. He was telling us we are evil because we didn't give him 10 pesos (about 6 cents) to go get some sugar for his tea, which we can't give out money because it is sacred. We tried to explain why and he just went off on us. It got to a point where I felt scared and helpless.... I will be honest. I can't explain it, but I saw something inside his eyes. My companion and the member did too. It was not the Julio Cesar we knew that was talking. My companion then stopped him from talking and bore the hardest and most pure testimony I have ever heard in my life. The spirit was so strong, and he just looked around, and said "I need help, don't I?" Very humbling experience. Satan has a lot of power over the people that allow him to enter. We are going to try to help him this week.

WEDNESDAY - So we tried passing by Dominga's who is going to get baptized this Saturday. She wasn't there. But hey, all is good. There is more time. We got fired by everyone, so we went to check up on a new investigator, who is right now learning about the Plan of Salvation. When we got to her house, her brother Victor was there, but she was not. So he had a question. He told us that she said to him that The Fall of Adam and Eve was a good and necessary thing, and he wanted to know why. As we tried explaining it, you could tell he wasn't accepting, and he was trying to fight us. This guy has always been way chill and awesome, but I felt the same way as with Julio Cesar. Helpless. We ended that before it got to far and left. We asked him to pray and he shot us down. Said he wouldn't do it. Can't help him if he can't pray.

THURSDAY - We had a meeting as a district. We played dress up, because we were awesome, and I dressed up as Gadianton! The robber! Super fun. Unimportant though. We once again passed by Dominga's and she had "left for the capital"......so ya...... don't know what to say. But we worked hard. Had good success. People started listening. I may have gotten a little heat stroke, but its gone now. But we worked hard.

FRIDAY - Pretty basic day, until night time. We passed by one more time to Dominga's, and I saw her walk through the house, and she saw me. So now I know she is home. Then a man, who we have never seen before, and is super drunk at the time, comes to the door and tells us she is in the capital and isn't home. Lies to my face. So I start asking to talk to one of the daughters, and he then tells me she doesn't want to talk to us anymore, and that if I don't leave he is going to hurt someone. So we left, and I didn't feel right, and my companion didn't either. Then we saw this guy leave. So we wrote her a note and put that in the door that said call us if there is something going on, but we will stop passing by until you contact us. She hasn't called.

SATURDAY - So obviously, the baptism didn't happen. I honestly feel like we've lost her as an investigator too, which is sad.... but there is nothing I can do. So we just contacted a lot all day and tried everything we could to find more people to teach. We found a family who seems really interested. We also taught Jose, Manuel, and Franklin all throughout the week and they still have a huge desire to become a member. However Franklin told us he couldn't come to church because he had to go to the hospital because he really really wanted to attend but they couldn't change the time. But ya, that was Saturday! Lots of walking around really!

SUNDAY - Church was good. Again I wore a suit to church because one of the Elder's in my house is leaving and asked me too. So ya.... After that though we went contacting all day. As we were walking home, a guy came up and said "Do you guys know how to pray?" We were like, duh. Then he asked us to pray for him because the police were looking for him because he killed a man. Again, got the same feeling.... and it was the same feeling like when I got robbed. I will be honest, I think he was loaded. But we stayed calm and told him we would pray for him and he left. We were not harmed, nothing was taken. It just scared me and my companion a little. Man was Satan working against us this week! But, moving on, at night the transfer calls came. Elder Serrano is leaving, and I am staying with Elder Haag for another transfer. But I know the situation in the house will get better, because Elder Serrano is a lot of the problem! But that is what happened, so me and Elder Haag will work hard together for another six weeks!

If there is one thing I learned this week is that the adversary is oh so real. His power over people is scary, but he only can overpower people that allow him to. But I learned a more important thing this week: The power of the Lord is greater. When we had conflict and I felt Satan's presence, it was always a testimony or some power of the Lord that ended that. Whenever I felt scared, I came to peace with the power of the Lord. Turn to him. He will help in all things.

I love you all! Dad, have a great birthday this week! You are all amazing and I love you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Weiss :)

A Gadianton Robber!

One of my (mom's) favorite pictures so far!