Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mon. May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day)

(Mother's Note:  I warned Parker about what I saw on National news about a virus infecting 55,000 plus people of the DR called Chikunguya. It causes severe joint pain, fevers, vomiting and weakness for about a week spread by mosquitoes...also he said they celebrated Mother's Day for the DR yesterday (on Sunday) and they don't celebrate Memorial Day there.)

What a week! I'll get into it, but let me just start off by saying, yes I know there is a new virus going around, especially in the DR called Chiniquicsma or something odd like that. I hear about it alot. The missionaries are taking special care in staying protected. I haven't got it yet. I am fine, and feel great, so just don't worry about me please. I will be fine! On to the week now!

Tuesday - Well what can I say... we contacted a ton. We found two new families to teach that are awesome so far. We walked a lot. It's, as the locals say, "just starting to warm up"....well I walk outside and I start dripping in a matter of seconds. It's hot. That caribbean sun is brutal. and it's not even at the peak. The peak is in August...oh boy... but contacting in the hot sun isn't fun...

Wednesday - So we did more contacting, and we bumped into a member, who came running at us to tell us she was talking to Dominga earlier that day and that she wanted us to come over. So we went over to her house later that night, and she apologized for what happened. Turns out that guy is a cousin of hers, and he was drinking really bad and hates the mormons and she was afraid to confront him when he was drinking, so she didn't come to the door. Concludes my two theries, one: something was wrong. and two: I did see her that day when they all told me she was in the capital. But she is continuing with the lessons now. She told us she will tell us when she feels ready for baptism, so we are now leaving it up to the Lord. He will prepare her when she is ready.

Thursday - We taught our star pupils, Jose and Dilsi. They still are getting their marriage plans ready and are finding the money to get married so that we can baptize Jose. So that is great. They have great faith. It is amazing the change that I see in them. When I got here, he was a stubborn little man and now, he is the most faithful person I have met. We also taught Franklin. He is reading in Jacob 4 right now, he read all of 2 Nephi in one day, and he just has a strong desire. He is getting baptized on the 7th and things are looking good with him. Other cool story, last week I talked a lot about how the adversary was working against us. Well this week as we were working with a member, he told us one of our old investigators, who has all the lessons and knows all the stuff to be baptized, who was, for lack of a better word, a little brat when we first started talking to her. She had told him she now wants to be baptized. So we went and taught her, and my goodness what a change. She has been coming to church with the member family, she is 13 and her name is Katherine. At first.. we thought she would be the same, but she has humbled a lot and she is reading in the book of mormon every day and came out of her way to tell us she wants to be baptized. She now has a goal to be baptized on my birthday, same day as Jose. The 14! What a good birthday that will be. :)

Friday - Nothing happened of big importance... hahaha I now have 7 months in the mission, it was dad's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, and our new president of the mission came in today!!! Oh and we taught  a really hiumble guy that speaks English named Alex. First lesson, but I feel like he will go far.

Saturday - Contacting, and I sang a song at a activity in the church for all the mothers, and I made the song and played the guitar with it. That was fun. The members won't stop talking about it.... oh well... haha

Sunday - Good sunday we did a lot of work. Taught Jose and Franklin and Katherine again. All are doing the steps necessary to be baptized, so it is really exciting to see. The adversary worked hard last week, but this week the Lord is on our side. :)

Today - Cleaned the house, studied now I am here. hahah

GOOD WEEK. I am happy to be here, I love it and I am studying hard. Don't know what happened to the guy that asked us to pray for him for killing a man. We did pray for him, just prayed he would get what was just for him. But we pray hard. I have learned prayer is possibly the most important thing you can do. Pray every morning and every night at least. Your life will change. I notice the things I pray for are the things that change for the better. The things I leave out are the things that stay the same. Pray for everything. Speak with your heart, and the Lord will bless you. I love you all! Praying for you all! Happy to be here. The mission is amazing and this life has helped me find a better me. :)

Con mucho amor,

Elder Weiss