Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

What a week it has been!!! I will explain it all way fast! But to explain a couple of things first, let me write this....

We have been teaching Dominga, of about 50 years of age. She has dropped her fecha now twice on us. She keeps saying she isn´t ready. One thing I have learned on my mission, the adversary is real, and he is working hard against us. It is so hard to find new people to teach or to walk around all day and just contact and to see no results. But, I do it with a smile and it all works out. I hope and pray Dominga will be ready for the wonderful convenant she can make. 

We found a man in a wheelchair while contacting, the one I have mentioned before... Let me explain the story: As we started to talk to him, we realized his wheelchair is from the church!! We thought for sure he was a less active member, but turns out he just found the wheelchair, and he has always wondered what church was the church he was represented. He may very well be the most prepared person I have met to hear this gospel. His name is Franklin, and we have already gave him a fecha for the6th of June. He will be an awesome member. He is temporarily paralized from the waist down, hence the wheelchair, but he is awesome. I love him. He visited church this last week and bust into tears telling me that this is the church he has been searching for. If all goes well, he will be another amazing member of this church. 

Remember, the blessings will come. I have been put on my knees many times during my time here. The burden seems to hard to bare, but I know that the only person that can bare it, is my Saviour. The blessings will come. Seek his guidance and stay obedient, and you will see the blessings pass by day by day. Its such a blessing I have to be on my mission. I wouldn´t trade this for the world! Keeping you all in my prayers! 

This week we have done a lot of contacting every day to try to find more people to teach and we have found a little bit of promise. Things are looking up in the area for us. Not a lot happened day by day that I can remember. On Sunday I had 3 hours worth of church and 3 hours worth of meetings... WOOPEE. But hey, people are gettting prepared to hear this gopsel, so I am happy about that! That is all for this week! I love you all!  :)

Haz lo justo,
Elder Weiss