Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014 (Skype with Parker for Mother's Day)

We were able to Skype with Parker for Mother's Day! In the D.R. they could only get computer access on Monday so we Skyped with him today. We checked out of school and came home from work so we could all see him! It was great to hear and see him.The computer he was using had trouble with the sound so he had to wear headphones to hear us and us to hear him. He looked and sounded great!!

Parker updated us on the investigators he's met and having 3 upcoming baptisms. One for this Saturday, one on the 7th and one on his birthday, June 14th. He's had great success. All that hard work and tracting has led them to some great people.  He mentioned how he's getting along with his conmpanions and there might be some changes coming next week. He has seen a poisonous centipede as thick as his arm and a spider as big as two tarantulas. He's eaten chicken feet which is considered a delicacy. (Ick) and also ate dog. He thought it was chicken and when they told him it was a dog he felt horrible!. "The poor dog." he said. A woman tried to get him to eat rat but he couldn't do it.

He send pictures. The ones from the beach were from today. (Monday). He was excited to be able to go to the beach. While sitting on the rock the waves splashed him and he got a bit wet, but that's all the water he was able to enjoy. :)  He also liked the little cave there. Yesterday he and his companion, Elder Haag went to church in their full suits in honor of Mother's Day. They dressed up for us mom's even though it was super hot yesterday. The members were very impressed because no one ever wears their full suits. (Unless it's their last week before they go home for good...they were asked that too.) What a sweet gesture!  We talked more about personal things and then he bore his testimony and gave us a challenge to read our scriptures and pray together. At the end he prayed in Spanish which was amazing!

In the picture with the Mother's day sign is Parker, Elder Haag, (standing on left), Elder Montoya, (standing on right) and Elder Serrano kneeling on right.