Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

Its been quite a week here in Barahona, so I will get right to it!

Tuesday - We have been working really hard with José and Dilsi with their marriage. We have been talking a lot about sacrifices with them. They have been setting apart a lot of money for their marriage. It is just a blessing to see the fruits of their labors taking place. Although, their son, Manuel, is getting prepared to receive a goal for baptism too. He understands the doctrine, and he has just been awesome.

Wednesday - Happy birthday to Sydney!! Hope the day was fabulous!!!! It was a good day here! Very hot as usual here, and just super fun! :) Did a lot of work with Katherine this day, preparing her for her baptism on the fourteenth. She understands so much about the gospel now, it amazes me! I am so happy to see her outstanding growth, from being a little bit of a brat at times, to becoming completely humbled by the Lord. Really amazing.

Thursday - We had a big zone conference this day. So, woke up at 5 to leave and go to a conference that lasted all day. Our new mission president is finally here! He is awesome! From California, 6´4 and just super down to earth happy guy. I like him a lot, and I feel a very special bond with him. I feel like he will help me a lot in my mission. But that was my fun Thursday.

Friday - We did a lot of contacting. It was hard, because the heat hit good and hard..... I got a little bit of heat stroke because my companion likes to run to appointments, and well, I have to stick with him.... not fun to do in the blazing heat, when I am already pouring sweat, but hey... do what the Lord and my companion wants, right? Hard day of contacting, but worth it. We also went and visited Franklin to talk about his baptism coming up on the 7th. I will explain what happened with him in the next day....

Saturday - I did my first and ever home teaching as a missionary. I went on splits with the Priesthood Quorum Elder to help him with his home teaching, while his companion went home teaching with my companion. Very fun. He is the happiest person I have ever met... Why? His happiness comes from the gospel. He puts all his faith in the gospel and he loves his life. He´s been divorced. Lots of people have done horrible things to him, like lied, stolen, cheated on him. But he always is laughing and smiling, because he knows his church is the true church. Big lesson I learned with him. Other thing I learned this day. When me and Elder Haag got back together, we visited Franklin again, who caught the chikunguya, which is really bad stuff. This was Friday, We gave him a priesthood blessing, telling him that he would be able to come to church with the faith he had. Then he told us, on Saturday when we passed y again, as soon as we left, he felt fine, got hungry, sat up and ate for the first time in three days. The sickness just left his body. The power of the priesthood is real. I bare witness of its divine power, and how it has helped others in their lives.

Sunday - We had 5 investigators at church, which is part of what I was fasting for. I fasted really hard and skipped on three meals. I wanted blessings. Hahaha but boy was I hungry. The rest of the day we visited members and we had a meeting with all the presidents of the quorums and groups in the church. One thing I must say...never gossip about the people you are trying to help. Find solutions to help them, not to talk bad about them. Big problem here.

Today - Had a big zone party thing. It was fun. I played basketball! That's all we did. Whoopee!

I love you all. This church is true. It was an exciting week, and I have learned a lot. I am reading in Jacob 5 right now. Anyone who can pass me in a week, well...... they will get a special photo that I will send. Challenge... hahah I challenge you all to read in the Book Of Mormon every day and pray every morning and every night. It has blessed my life. Love you all! Praying for you all, every day! Keep doing all the good things in life. Hazlo justo!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Weiss