Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014 (Had a Baptism!)

What an amazing week it has been! I will jump into it!

Tuesday - Oh man what a day it was. We just taught and taught and taught. We had so many appointments with all of our investigators. But a key one was with Franklin. He had read all the way to Mosiah in one day, and he was in 2 Nephi 3. So wow. The guy is just so prepared for baptism it hurts.

Wednesday - Good day. One of our investigators, Yoledi, who is 14, decided she wanted to try to beat us in reading the Book of Mormon. I am currently in Mosiah, and she was in the first chapter of Second Nephi. She got all excited and said that she would "easily win". She is a very prepared girl, despite her age. We had a question for her, and she could perfectly explain Moses' Law to back up her theory. She knows a lot about gospel things. It's exciting to see the Youth involved too.

Thursday - We taught good old Katherine today, who will be getting baptized on my birthday! She is prepared too, and she is only 12. She doesn't understand completely the first time, but she definitely works hard to find out.

Friday - Okay, so we have been working really hard towards getting Jose and Dilsia married so that he can get baptized on the 14th, my birthday. He was looking for a way to find money so that he could pay his marriage, but it wasn't working, but he desperately desired to find money, and if he could find some, to pay back the debt he owed. I prayed long and hard about the situation and decided I should help in the cause and be the debtor. So I pulled out the 2000 pesos which I think is like 40 bucks, so that he could set up his marriage. He has promised me he will pay me back and signed a hand written contract to do so. It was fair to him, because there would be no interest, I just want the money back that I gave away, no more, no less. And also, I would be helping him with that. So then we went down to the marriage office, and they will be getting married this Wednesday. I will be the one personally handing over the money so that I know it is going to the marriage. I feel like this is my way of helping in his path to baptism. I went on an intercambio with Elder Paulino this day, or a fake transfer you could say, and we gave the baptismal interview to Franklin!

Saturday - Had a really cool experience. A bird landed on my shoe and chilled for a bit. That was cool. But the REAL cool experience is that Franklin was baptized!!!!!!!!!! It was a baptism I will never forget. He is still paralyzed from the waist down, so I got to help with the baptism. So me, my companion, and a member, all got to be in the font with him to help in fulfill this sacred covenant. It was cool. The other two missionaries who live with us also had a baptism. It was just a super happy day. :)

Sunday - Franklin was confirmed a member, and received the priesthood, and was ordained a priest. Super amazing to just see the change in him. I love it. I am so happy I was here to help be a guide in his journey. He will be an amazing member. Pictures to come, I promise! haha

Today - We just cleaned the house big time. Our mission president is coming to our house tomorrow to inspect it, so we DEEP CLEANED. It was fun. Like they say here, if you aren't dirty, the house isn't clean. If you are dirty, the house is clean, and you move on to the next project. Hahaha good little rule to live by.

I am so happy to be a part of this great work. This gospel is amazing. I have seen it bless a man's life this week, and I plan on seeing this same joy twice on my birthday. Am I excited to be 19? It is a little strange.... but am I excited for the baptisms? OH YES. I have seen this gospel change lives, including mine. I am proud of the decision I made to come on my mission. It may not be easy, but boy is it worth it. Les amo mucho!!!!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Weiss
Jacob 1:19 - How to fulfill a calling.
Franklin's Baptism!

A large moth
Parker received his Birthday Package!