Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014 (Transfers)

Wowzers, has a lot happened this week! I will jump right into it!

Tuesday - Well I got up bright and early and said goodbye to Elder Haag. Boy did we have lots of struggles. It was 10 rough weeks, but I learned a lot, and I am happy for what he taught me. He left to be a new zone leader. Then me and Elder Montoya waited for our new companions. Elder Montoya got one of my best friends in the mission, Elder Peña, from Belice. The kid is amazing, and I freaking love him. He speaks English and English Creole, and we get along way well. I got Elder Quiñonez, who is from Guatemala! My first Latin companion, and I am super excited! We are good good good friends already! I like him a lot! We have no problems! I am the senior companion, because he only has five months in the mission, but he is an amazing kid, and just so open to everything and hates fighting, so we'll be getting along just fine. :) Oh, other cool little story, Elder Hope is in my zone again! He got transfered out here! Cool stuff. Missed that kid!!

Wednesday - We went around and I introduced my new companion to the area and to the members. It was good. He is so lost in the area. It is big, but he will learn!

Thursday - Elder Peña caught the Chinconguya, so I stayed home with him while Elder Montoya and Elder Quiñonez went out to work! I learned lots, I got to study lots and it was fun.

Friday - Just been teaching hard good lessons. I feel the spirit in the lessons really strongly with my new companion. We get along great! Taught a very key lesson with Dominga this week, and it was super needed. Talked about the importance of doing what you say you will do. Turns out she stopped reading the Book of Mormon and we encouraged her to start again.

Saturday - We went to the Reception of Jose and Dilsia. The church did a reception for them to celebrate. Super spiritual. They asked each one of them why they loved one another, and Jose burst into tears, then told me later how much he loves his wife and how grateful he is to be able to be married to her. It was a very happy experience for me. Plus I got cake, bonus!!!!!

Sunday - I got to go with Elder Montoya to another area, called Neyba. It's an hour away from our house, but we taught a class in their church that day, so it was fun to kind of see the other area. Then we came home and worked in our area. Crazy story, when me and Elder Quiñonez were walking home, there are a bunch of bad kids in our area. We walked past a group of them and I saw a gun in their hands. I got nervous, but I walked confidently. As soon as we got out of this open area, we were on our street that has our house, and right behind us I heard gun shots. I booked it to the nearest store, but I turned around to see what happened, and I saw a kid, about my age on the ground, struggling for breath. I watched him take his last breath, then his eyes closed, and he stopped breathing. The kid died. Then I heard the ambulance and I watched these murderers just run away, leaving this kid dead in the  street. It was a sad scene, but I ran back to the safety of my house. When we got inside, I heard more gun shots, and I realized it was two gangs fighting it out, just down the street from our house. They have never been that close to the house, but we were alright. I am once again grateful for my life. It was a close call, but I am okay. I feel sooooo sad for that young boy though. His life was taken from him, cruelly. But that is life here.

Today - Elder Hope came over with his companion and we just chilled at the house and told stories. It was fun! I hit 8 months in my mission today! YIKES! The time flies. But I love it here! :)

It was a great week. I have noticed, without the spirit, it is hard to testify. We need to have the spirit in order to tesitify of truths. I know this gospel is true. With the spirit I feel in every moment, I can testify and have that spirit bear witness of its truth, but without the Holy Ghost at my side, these people will never accept the gospel. Big key factor in being a missionary. I love you all!!!! Hope all is well! May God ever bless you in ever step of your life! I love you all! I pray for you and miss you!!

Elder Weiss
Hazlo justo

It's cantaloupe season!

The Wedding Cake from Jose and Dilsia's reception