Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Man what a week it has been. Boy have I learned a ton. Let me see if I will be able to remember it all! hahah

Tuesday - We had a big meeting at night. Goodness it was huge, for all the missionaries in the ward and how they can improve. It was fun but dang, it was a long one. But I learned a lot of helpful stuff!

Wednesday - Elder Quiñonez and I have been focusing a lot this week in our investigator Elizabeth, who doesn't want to get married. So this day we went to her house and I chewed her out a little bit, telling her it is not a commandment from us, but it is from God. She told me still, that she will never ever get married. But I am not a quitter......

Thursday - So the day was good. We worked hard. But get this, you remember that story from last week about the man that I saw die? Turns out a bunch of gangs are in massive fights right now in our area. Well we were walking through the streets and we heard billions of gunshots. TONS. They have gotten into massive fights now. It has gotten so dangerous, that it even happens during the day too. Can I be honest? I am really scared. I have been praying for lots of protection. We informed our President and he might be changing what time we go home in our area because it is so dangerous, but for now, I seek the help of the Lord, to guide me where it is safe and to put me in the right path. I will be fine. :)

Friday - I went BACK to Elizabeth. I am not quitting on her. We explained the Law of Chastity a little bit better, and explained using a lot of scripture. We spoke direct, but my companion pointed out to me this... he said, "When do you feel the spirit in The Book of Mormon, or why do you feel the spirit when Elder Holland gives his talks? It's because they speak directly. They speak with the spirit." So yes, we speak a little, as they say in spanish, fuerte. Or strong. But the message hit her. She told me that now she will get married next year. Progress right? I ain't done though....

Saturday - We were getting fired a lot. And I was with Elder Peña on an intercambio, or a change is how you say it in English I think.... anyways, no one wanted to listen to us, so I took him back to Elizabeth to try one last time. When we got there, she told me she had asked God what to do and that she felt like she needed to talk to her boyfriend, so that is what she did. They talked about it, and they have decided that they are going to get married on August 1st. Wow. What a change. It is amazing to see how the Lord changes the hearts of those who are willing and listening. We went from "NO, I will NEVER get married."  to "We're getting married August 1st." The change came from the Lord. She is a great person. We gave her a baptismal date for the 6th of September, but if she wants, right after she gets married, she can get baptized. I also gave a baptismal date to Dominga for the 12th of July. She has been progressing so well this week and I just felt happy and felt like she was ready for it this time. I love the Lord. He does so much to help me and everyone in our everyday lives. Without him, I would be nowhere.

Sunday - I got to give a talk in church. That was great. I talked about how to be a disciple of Christ. After that, a member came up to me and told me without a doubt she wants to work with us. So after church we went out and worked with her, and she gave us an awesome new reference that we contacted and taught. We'll see how she goes, but so far she is a really cool new investigator!

Today - Stayed home, played dominoes. I am fun. :)

I have been seeing many blessings this week. For example, the safety of my companion, the other missionaries in my area, and me. That alone is a blessing. Haven't come across these gangs yet. Thank goodness. Also, I have almost finished Jesus the Christ. Only two more chapters! Man what a dang good book! Love it. I want to read that book thirty more times. Hahaha I also love the book you guys sent me. Power to Become, powerful book. I love it. But hey, the week was amazing. I challenge anyone who hasn't asked God for themselves to know if this church is true to DO IT NOW. When you get the answer, never forget it. That is the key to my testimony, I know the church is true. I love it and I love my Heavenly Father and His Son, who sacrificied everything for me. This church is true. Hope you all have a great week! :)

Con mucho amor,
Les quiero mucho!!!

Elder Weiss
Parker's new companion Elder Quinonez

A typical home in Barahona

The Elder's with their "serious" faces.