Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Its that email that everyone sees and goes, "Dang, this kid sure writes a lot:" THE BEST EMAIL EVER IS ABOUT TO COME. NAh, I am kidding, but a lot did happen this week!

For starters, Elder Montoya still has the chinkonguya, and hasn´t been able to work at all all week. Its kinda hard because I go on splits with Elder Peña every other day so that he can work in his area, but it takes away time from me teaching my investigators. But I want to help. And I know it stinks being stuck in the house all day! So that has been the week. Elder Montoya is also really mad at all of us. We aren´t sure why but he wont talk to us.... we think its because he is going to be going home at the end of this transfer and it´s just now hitting him. I don´t blame him for anything. It is just a little sad that he wont talk to us. 

As for our investigators go, there is a new desire in Manuel, who is the son of José, my recent convert. He keeps coming to church and now wants to be baptized. So we gave him a baptismal date for the 23rd of August. Not sure if I will be here to see that, the transfer ends on the ninth of August, and it´s possible that I leave this transfer, but we will see what happens. I am just happy he is willing to accept the date, and wants to work towards it. Whether I am here or not to see it isn´t important. It´s that he gets the blessing to be baptized and become a member of the true church.  As for Elizabeth, she still is super ready for baptism. She is now actually excited to be married on the first, which is a little funny. She went from saying "NO I will NEVER be married at such a young age!" to "I am so excited to get married!!!" Just shows how the Lord prepares people, and the Holy Ghost testifies to them it is the right thing. It is good to see that desire. With the little amount of time we had to work in our area this week, that is all I really have of news to say for this week!

We had a different experience this week.. On Sunday we left for church, me and my companion. Elder Montoya is still sick and Elder Peña woke up with some really bad pain. They showed up to church for sacrament (which in this country is the last hour) and I was leading the music, but I could see when they entered that something was wrong with Elder Peña... When sacrament ended we rushed home so he could relax. We got home, and he told us he needed to go to the hospital, so him and Elder Montoya left for the hospital. When they got back, they immediately started packing stuff up. Elder Peña learned his appendix is close to exploding so they were leaving for the capital to get surgery that instant. So they left. Today I get a call in the morning from them. Elder Peña is fine. He had is surgery and he is in recovery now, but he put me in a scare. One of my best friends in the mission, this kid. He will be fine. He is deeply in my prayers. The hospital did a good job and he´ll make a full recovery. I learned the true mercy of our Lord in that moment. He eased my heart, and He kept my friend and his servant safe from further harm. The Lord protects His servants, and keeps them at ease during times of hardship. I am grateful for my Lord and the love that He has for me. No need to worry for Elder Peña. He is a trooper and is recovering quickly and should be home to rest tomorrow. That was my learning experience this week. Different, but I know it was something I needed to learn.

I love you all! May you all have a great week! Keep your faith in the Lord. He will bless you! And never be afraid to get on your knees for all of your "kneeds" I love you! I pray for you! And of course I miss every single one of you. 

Les quiero!

Elder Weiss :)

Parker sent a separate email with this as it's subject line:  "Non-believers..."  Then he sent this picture with this caption: "Now I know you didn´t believe me when I said I have a six pack now, so I send you this picture to prove it. :)"  Haha. I got a good chuckle on that one and then asked him what kind of drink it was.

"...its called Areito, a sparkling cider! It is good!"