Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014 (Birthday and Baptisms!)

May this email serve its full purpose of describing the week, with the least amount of sarcasm as can possibly be rendered, filled in with a soul filling triumph of pure energy of love and perfection.

I have no idea what I just said... on to the week. Hahah

Tuesday - I had my first interview with the new president. He is a really great guy. I just feel connected to him, and his wife reminds me a lot like Grandma Weiss, just super sweet, super nice, and always willing to help out. She also has shorter hair, and she has had problems with her leg before, so I just thought a lot of Grandma as I talked to her. Nice lady though. President told me he can't wait to be able to work really closely with me in the next coming months. 

Wednesday - Great way to start off this day!!! We got to go and watch Jose and Dilsia get married! It was a little bit of an effort. There were lots of papers to be signed, but through it all, I handed over the money, they raised their hands to the square, and were sworn in by law to each other. Beautiful experience. The first marriage I have seen so far, and I have never seen two people so happy. It was amazing. I was so happy for them. Anyways, after that cool experience, we taught a lot of first sitas this day. Sad story is that we have been trying really hard to find more people to teach because for some reason, all of our investigators keep leaving or dropping us. So we are just contacting a lot, trying to find something new, a new spark. It teaches a lot about patience. Just have to be patient until you find that one golden person. And we all know I am one who struggles with patience. Maybe this is the Lord helping me to better understand this priniple?

Thursday - So we taught Elizabeth today. She is still unsure about the whole marriage thing, but we are working with it. She is slowly getting more open to the idea. We taught Yoledi too, who is our star 14 year old. She is now reading in Alma, and I think she may understand this gospel better than I do. But as I explained before, sad things happen.... she is leaving to go live in the capital until September, so she too is now gone. We are now down to four people to teach. Elizabeth, Dominga, Yanei, and Manuel. It is just hard, but just means MORE CONTACTING!

Friday - My companion caught the chinconguya, so we stayed home the entire day. I just studied a ton. I felt bad, it was his first time ever being sick on his mission.

Saturday - What an amazing birthday it was!! I had a fever, but that didn't stop me from going to the baptisms!! Jose was baptized, and so was Katherine! They were so prepared! It was so fun to watch them grow and learn. I was honored to be able to baptize Jose. Good day. After the baptism though, I got really bad in my health. I ached all over, couldn't eat, and had a horrible fever. You guessed it, I got the chinconguya. Let me just tell you, this is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It was not fun. But, hey, life moves on!

Sunday - Yep, still had the chinconguya. But I did go to church, but then I stayed home that whole day. Lots of water and juices.

Today - Still have the chinconguya. The fever has left but I still ache. But I am fine! I am living!

Hard week to work, but that is okay! You work with what you got! I am happy I had the experiences that I did this week! I learned a lot! It was a good week! I am 19 now (crazy) and ya. Life is good! May the Lord continually bless you all! I am praying for you all! And to dad, Happy late Father's day!!

Elder Weiss

(Parker's reply to his mom's separate letter...we sent him pictures that showed us celebrating in honor of his birthday).

Sounds like a fun week! The pictures rock! I like them a lot! Dad seems to be rocking his "I'm better than all of you" face with the sign and the french fry. hahaha It was a good week. Can I just say I miss Goodpapa really bad right now? An adjustment would be heavenly right now because I am in a lot of pain (READ WEEKLY EMAIL TO UNDERSTAND) I love you mom! Glad you guys celebrated in a fun manner! Sounds fun! I had a good time! Anyways, my companion is leaving. We got transfers, and he is done here so I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. So ya! Love you mom!

Elder Weiss

(Mom's reply...)
Love you too. Real quick, you can stretch (hang) over the back of a couch upside down and that might do a smaller type adjustment. Or have your comp do it like Goodpapa taught you how to help me. Try to find Aleve, that helps aches. Excited to hear about your new companion too. Wish we could talk more. Love you so much. I'll pray for your health too this week.  Hugs!

(Parker's sarcastic reply..LOL...)

Thanks mom! If I had a couch I would do that, but we don't have couches, because we AREN'T AMERICAN MISSIONARIES. Hahahaha Love you! Hugs and such!

Elder Awesome
I mean Elder Super cool
I mean Elder Weiss