Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

It has been a great week! To start off, we actually did not end up having to be in a trio this week. We had interviews with our President this week on Tuesday and he told us he was going to send us a missionary that day, so that night we got Elder Perez, a Dominican. So the house has had four elders the whole week. Also, I had a meeting with all the leader missionaries in the mission on Wednesday, and they really hit hard and being the best of the best we can be at all times to really show the other elders that we can have success in all that we do. President Nuckols shared Alma 43-57 with us, and I loved the chapters. It talks about a great leader, Captain Moroni. To me, he was just a great, obedient missionary. The scriptures are so easily relatable to today and the mission work. The meeting just really got me to want to try that much harder. I guess you could say it relit the fire that much more. 

Elder Millward and I have really been focusing on finding some new investigators this last week. We've been going up and down every alleyway we can find. And let me just say, wow.... there is so much Buenos Aires! Haha we keep finding new twists and turns and places I've never seen. So it has been a good way to get us back up in swing. I feel with Elder Perez in the house is going to help Elder Millward out big time with his Spanish. We've really switched from talking English to Spanish. I feel like it will help him big time. Also, I am grateful for the transfer calls that you gave. I am super excited to work here another transfer! I know there is something big in store, and I am eager to figure out what it is. You never know until you put your shoulder to the wheel, right? :)

We have a couple of investigators that are getting close to being baptized. With a little more preparation, I feel like there will be some strong new members in the ward. Yeni and Nicolas however are still waiting on their Birth Certificates. I feel like Satan is really working hard against them, because he knows that they are so prepared. It's just become a wait against time, but we aren't giving up the faith that they will be married and baptized soon. It's just a test of patience at times. Fransico is still just going really strong. He has completely forgot about his doubts and is really just pushing hard to be more Christlike. He reads all the things we give him and I am still super impressed by his questions. Heavenly Father definitely put him into our path for a reason. At times I feel as though I am learning more from him than he is learning from us. We've also been able to find some really cool people through contacting a lot. You wouldn't believe how many menos activos (less actives) there are!!! I don't get it.... yet at the same time I do. How can someone lose a testimony that was given to them from God? Yet at the same time I understand, because even as I am on the mission, I still at times begin to question myself and our teachings. Satan has a power that he uses to steer us off the path, to get us to let go of the iron rod, but we also have a power, much greater than his, that comes directly from our loving Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father protects us, and through the atonement, Jesus Christ helps clean us, so that we are able to be bearers of that great and glorious power. Something to really consider is that we are children of a King. A King above all kings in the earth. We have a special bloodline, and Satan's followers do not. I feel like for that reason, all those who have lost the faith can easily regain it, because they have the same bloodline that we do. So I am getting really excited to work with some new menos activos. In Spanish "Busca la fe!!!" In English, "find the faith!"

 Also, we are trying to work a lot more closely with the groups in the church, especially the bishopric, to really give our investigators a good support from members, to feel comfortable with the big change they are taking in their lives. It's exciting for me to see such progress in the area. 

Now, to let you know what happened... it is transfer time!!! And we got the call, and I am so happy to say that I have been called to stay here one more transfer and work in Buenos Aires as District Leader! So I will be here until the beginning of March, and I am so ready to give it my all! Love you all, may the Lord bless you in all that you do! Busca tu fe, y guardalo para siempre! :)

Con amor,
Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note:  I give Parker news of our family and he was thrilled about Pat finding a job!! And when I told him about Andrew finding a job in Wisconsin this was Parker's reply: (from our e-chat)...

Even though I think that is way great that Andrew and Alannah are getting a good job and everything, dang! I was really excited to go home and get to know Andrew!!! I BARELY KNOW HIM! But I know he is awesome! I just wanted to meet him a little more... oh well. haha

Parker said he got a package from Josh and Kelly and how sweet that was and he said this about the pictures...

They sent me pictures of Jaden and I kinda freaked! He's so big from how I remember him! I don't even want to picture how everyone looks until I get home! haha I don't want to freak out quite yet. haha

"I also may have gotten some new shades...."

"Wow... its such a weakness of mine. haha"

I cooked Beef strogonaff for some people.
 The guy in green is Nicolas. :)

The girl in pink in this picture is a member.

"Also look! A Coconut Tree!"

My low point. To explain, we were on a rooftop as we were contacting, and lets just say I hit my low point.... I saw air conditioning and satellite and so I went to go steal them... these are the pictures of me in the act.

"Pretty Sunset"

"Our Bishop"

"Our next door neighbors. I got a picture with them at church."

"As we were contacting, we found this really cool place...

...and it has a bunch of ripped bottles
 hanging by string. Really cool. :)"

"More BofM covers I made"

"What I'm doing right now!"