Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015 - A Week of Work

I am so happy this week. So many good things have happened and I couldn't be happier with how happy I am! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! haha :)

We have a goal in our mission of trying to get a certain amount of every key indicator as a missionary. For example, 10 lessons with members, 15 other lessons and 10 with less actives in one week. Well Elder Millward and I were able to not only do what has been set as our goal, but actually do more than what has been asked! I am both humbled, and happy. To be honest, I was a man of little faith. I didn't think it was possible to do it, especially here in our area, but the Lord gave me a bit of a boche, or talking to, by giving us the best possible week ever. It really bumped up my spirits and now I know it is possible now. And I testify that we can do it! The Lord provides a way for everything.

Man..... I am still eagerly waiting for the day that Yeni and Nicolas tell us that they got their papers.... I am hoping it will be tonight when we go over to do a FHE with them.... 

As we were contacting this week, we found a really cool girl, named Anabel, that is about 26 years old. She's got all sorts of piercings in her ears and when I first saw her I thought, "we probably shouldn't bother her..." We are way out in the boonies of our area at this point, and I said hello to her and she told us to come in. We were asking if there had ever been missionaries that had passed by before... turns out we are the first missionaries she's ever seen, well to be honest, that all the people on that street had seen. We hit a new area.... Anabel was really interested in what we had to say, and although her look seems to make you think "there is no way" she is realllllllllllyyyy and I mean REAAALLLY prepared. Again, God humbled me... She reminds me a lot of some of my friends. She's funny and very bubbly but gets very serious and down to earth when it is time, and she is the kind of person that I connect with, so it has been awesome. I feel strongly that the Lord is preparing her for great things. I am excited to work with her. 

Fransico is just a progressing machine. I love it. I love him... he is really good at understanding the doctrine. He looks at things in a different perspective, and really opens up my mind to new ideas. He also has cool cars that come into his shop every now and then, and while we were teaching him this week, he had a 1980 or 1970 (I can't remember) Honda is his garage, so I took some pictures of that. Sorry, getting sidetracked... it was just cool. Anyways, I really hope Fransico keeps moving forward. He is a little afraid of baptism. He feels like he needs to keep repenting and we are supporting him in every way of his desires to change for the better. 

So Sunday was the Conference of the Caribbean, where out in good old Utah, they shot the conference for here. Jeffrey R. Holland and Boyd K. Packer spoke to the Dominicans in a bold way. Also, did you know Jeffrey R. Holland speaks Spanish??? You can totally tell he is still learning, but it was really amazing to hear him bear his testimony in broken Spanish. He said something that was really amazing though. He said that there is one temple in the Caribbean, here in Santo Domingo, but that the Lord is preparing many more to come, by the hundreds..... A revelation in the future??? I thought it was really cool and I felt that special cold chill of the spirit, or as some call it, goosebumps. haha Either way, there are big things in store for the Caribbean. The Lord is planning his work to continue progressing.

I am so happy to be part of the restored and perfect church of Jesus Christ, and to be out here on my mission. The months are passing by quickly, but I know that I still have plenty of time to change both myself and invite others to change through the mercy of Jesus Christ, our Savior. I am so happy to be a part of thousands of missionaries around the world sharing the gospel to the beautiful children of God, and I hope that everyone finds and opportunity to help in the work and do the Work of the Lord. Being a missionary is an honor, and I will forever give thanks for the things I am learning and have experienced. I know God loves each and every one of us. I know God guides us and has given us Jesus Christ to be our model and our way to coming back to live with our Perfect Father. May we all find a way to share our glad message with those that we love, and may we all continue on our on personal paths to that great salvation. I know this gospel is true, of that I do not doubt, but I do testify with all love in my heart, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note: Parker responded to my email and I told him my goal of actually getting on my knees to pray instead of quickly saying it in bed and this was his response which I also shared on FB:

I am glad you are getting on your knees. Also in a book I read, "Power to Become" the one you sent me, talks about how all of Gods biggest revelations are given to people while they are "humbled and kneeling". That is why when Jesus Christ and God appeared to Joseph Smith he was not standing, he was still kneeling. Also, we can receive the divine revelation and a clearer message and answer from God when we are on our knees, because we are humbling ourselves before Him. Just remember part of the covenants you have made with your Lord. :)

I also mentioned how I ran into an old friend of mine who is now divorced and feels worse now than when she was married and I commented on how divorce seems like the easy answer to so many, even good LDS people and how sad that is. Parker said this which I thought was very inspired....

Mom, I read something about marriage while on the mission. It's a very interesting topic to me. I was reading about divorce, and it is something very serious in God's eyes. In the book "True to the Faith" it talks about doing everything you can to not have to go into divorce, because it is mocking God, basically saying that the divine relationship that you have is not ordained by God, therefore mocking God. Divorce is not the answer. Even in Matthew he talks about divorce and how it is a last call. God ordained their marriage, it should be God that decides if it wasn't right or not, not them. Also the book talks about those who talk badly of their spouse have not yet found true love for themselves, God, Jesus, or for their loved ones. It is something serious that Satan puts into our head. Satan is trying to win a battle that is not his to win.

Pictures of that car...

I wore crazy socks one day. In honor of Elder Mortensen.

I'm Nuts...

A picture of my eye just to scare people.... haha

I cooked Beef Stroganoff, but not as good as you mom! :) haha