Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015 - Trials and Blessings

This week has been a bit of a harder week. The week started really slow on the work side of everything, due to a couple of things that ended up happening. First, we had Zone Conference in the morning on Tuesday, and that went to about 5 in the afternoon. So we started late that day.

On Wednesday we did District Meeting in the morning, and in the afternoon some exterminators were suppose to be at our house at 3 to fumigate. We couldn't leave the house to go work because the other missionaries lost their phone, so we couldn't call them to let them know that the exterminators were on their way. So we stayed in the house until three, and the guys never showed up. Then we left, did a couple of lessons, including one with Francisco that went really well! He's still having a couple of problems leaving alcohol. He even showed us a big beer bottle that he had stored. I told him in order to start his repentance process the first thing to do was to dump out the beer. He said "okay", grabbed the bottle and dumped it right in front of our face. I have never seen such a desire to follow a commandment. Most would have said, "let me finish that, then I will start." But he went right to it. He knew drinking is a problem and he told us he felt bad when he drinks. So we promised him that with the faith he has in following the commandments, his urge to drink will leave. That was a blessing this week. Also, we gave him a brand new Bible from the Temple we just bought for him, and he was so happy when he got it, he kissed it, then sat down and said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father that he'd be able to be more filled with doctrine. Wow... this man has great faith. After that lesson, the exterminators called us, 3 HOURS LATE (That's so Dominican) and we went back home to open the place up. 

Thursday we planned for the next week in the morning, and in the afternoon left for our FIRST FULL DAY OF WORK! And when I say it was a full day, I mean it was a full day of work. We had 10 lessons. Therefore helping us with our low numbers. But it isn't the numbers that we are here for. It's to invite all to come unto Christ. And boy, was that day in itself a blessing. 

Friday was such a blur.... I don't even remember..... haha but it was a regular day.

Saturday I had to go have our first practice with the choir for the song we are going to sing for Jeffrey R. Holland. It was beautiful. My solo is fun, but it's scary. But I like the song. "How Great Thou Art." :) Then in the afternoon, we left with a member. It was going to be a really good day, until this huge storm hit, and we couldn't walk around do to the amount of water... haha patience Elder Weiss, patience.

Sunday was glorious! Francisco at the end of all the meetings came up to me and said "After you left, I had two chances to drink. And I said no!" He's truly trying to get in line with the commandments, and his baptism is coming up soon, the 7th of March, so we'll see if he'll be able to continue to do what he's doing. I believe that God will help him big time. The big big blessing was when I talked to Yeni and Nicolas. After a long wait, they were able to get the Birth Certificate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have all of their papers finally, so on Wednesday we are going to go down to the Marriage Office where they will get married!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah! haha Then on Saturday they will have their baptismal interviews, then the next Saturday after that they will be baptized. Actually, it's the 7th as well! It'll be a big day!!!!! 

Today we got to go to the President's house with another zone and play volleyball, basketball, soccer, dodge ball, and we even had a water balloon fight! Also, we had a barbecue and it was just really fun and really took away stress! I love our President! And his wife is awesome too and I love her just as equally!

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father loves me and that I am here in Buenos Aires. I am learning so much here and I am constantly on my knees just giving thanks. I've noticed that I've been doing some "vain repetitions" when it comes to my prayers, so I am really trying to focus and put the faith I need in my prayers. Prayers without faith and without thought won't ever work. It is up to us to really desire what we ask for and to really know with the faith that we have that by the miracles of God, all things are possible. I know prayer is a real power that God has given man. It works. I saw it this week. I testify that this church and all that is taught by this church is true. I love defending the truths that have been restored to the earth, and I am so happy that I am a missionary. I love you all, God loves you that much more. Look for opportunities to serve and to be a missionary!!!
Con amor y cariƱo,
Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note: Parker and I were e-chatting and we were discussing Nephi and his unwavering faith. I mentioned how I would have complained if I had left my comfortable home and lived in tents for 8 years before even crossing to the promised land, giving birth and many other afflictions and to top it off, I had not realized they were eating raw meat the whole time because Nephi only made a fire the 1st time when he needed to melt the ore for the tools to build the ship and the Lord made the meats "sweet" for them. Nephi's faith astounds me.  Parker replied with this:

That part is also in Power to Become, the part of them eating raw meat. David A Bednar says the way we should pray for blessings shouldn't be that the Lord makes the bad go away, but like Nephi did, pray that they'd be able to endure the bad. That is the correct way to pray. I have been trying it a lot as I pray, and I have seen a huge change! Like I don't pray that Francisco won't drink, I pray that he will have the strength to say no when the offer arrives. :)

Parker also mentioned when Elder Holland comes to visit, Parker is singing in the choir and they asked him to sing a solo part in the song...well he said they are thinking of having him do the soprano part because Parker can sing his falsetto that high. :)  I thought that was cool. He'll try to record it during one of their practices, so hopefully he'll be able to send it to us. 

"Our P day group today!!!..." (Mon.)

"...En la Casa de la Mision."

"Picture from zone conference! MY ZONE!"

"Elder Hope and I at conference!!!"

"The tallest Elder/Person I have ever met!
He is super awesome, his name is Elder Parker.
 Hahaha super awesome right? He's 6'8" I believe!"

All of my Liahona's I've gotten
 in the mission!

"Random monkey man that was on the street as we were in the exterminator's car.
 Hence the monkey, and the random Dominican is the exterminator. haha"

"I rode a bike.... I felt like an Elder in the states! haha"

"Elder Cambell, he is awesome!"

"Our District at our little fun day today!"

"Elder Wagstaff from my group!"

"Elder Bruno and I. He jams it hard! 360 dunks and everything!"