Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015 -Vamos a ver quien entiende....

Well, this week has been yet another amazing week! :)

Well, we have really been making tracks in the ground this week. WE WORKED LIKE CRAZY!!! We visited so many people. Our main focus for the week has been attending church and the true importance of church. We got about 10 or so people to 100% promise to come to church this week, which was a really good!

Skipping ahead a little bit.... because I know there are some people wondering what happened to me at transfer time... Well, Saturday afternoon I got a call.... I have been called to go to San Geronimo (pronounced Hey-row-knee-mow) and I will be going as a zone leader! The President personally called and asked me to take the call. I am honored and I am excited to be a zone leader! My area is literally right next to the area I am in now. Like there are little taxi cars that will take you from my church here in Buenos Aires all the way to the church where I will be serving. I'm really close so all the members have been happy to know that I am still pretty close by. :) My new companion will be Elder Porter. I don't remember where he is from but I have met him and we are good friends already. He has more time than I do in the mission, and I am pretty sure I will be his companion until he goes home, but I am really excited to be close by. Actually, I am in the area where all missionaries come for transfers. That is the chapel that everyone knows in the mission, so I am in a famous area in that sense. I will be in charge of 26 missionaries, 20 Elders and 6 sisters. It's going to be a new experience! I'm sad to say goodbye to everyone, and to Elder Millward, but I know I am so close I will see them frequently. Also every transfer I have to open the church for everyone, so I will see tons of people every transfer change. So that is cool. So really the end of the week I was just saying goodbye and taking pictures. I have said goodbye to everyone already and well, after being here seven months, I feel ready and happy for the work I have done here. I feel ready to leave and I know Elder Millward will keep up the good work in the area, and he'll keep me in touch of everything. 

Sunday we had 8 investigators show up to church, and 7 less actives! It was a true blessing! They got to hear me give my last talk in this area! It went well. I talked about covenants, and well... I took lots of pictures afterward. I even wore my suit for my last Sunday here! Am I nuts or what? 

Buenos Aires is a blessed area and will definitely keep progressing. I am super excited for all my converts here, because they are in good hands. I will miss it, but I have more work to do! :)

Short and sweet... but that was literally the big thing of the week! Love you all! You are all in my prayers! :)

Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note:  Of course I had to ask more questions about his apartment and how many Elder's share it with him etc.  He moves in on Tuesday (today) so he didn't know too much. Here's the info he told me...

I hear the apartment there has hot water and is one of the nicest in our mission, so i am stoked about that, if it is true! haha and there are 6 missionaries living there, so that will be pretty cool! :)

These pictures are of people in his ward and of food and of a pit bull dog. The Elder's wore their suits for their last time in the area and Elder Alvarez is going home.