Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015 - A veces, no sé qué poner por el tema... (sometimes I don't know what to put in the subject)

So ya, last time I wrote was on Wednesday!!! Not too much has happened, so this may be brief!

To start... I got sick with gripe, or the flu, as you americans call it! But it hasn't been fun. A nasty cough, sniffling all the time, and headaches. Not fun. But I worked regardless. Actually, an investigator of ours made me some really awesome natural tea that took it away for quite some time... My new favorite drink too. So ya, I was suffering to learn about that tea. See? Blessings in everything!

So we have spent a good deal of time with Yesenia and Jhonathan, just teaching about how to magnify a calling. We assume they both will get one soon. So ya, just preparing them for that. :)

So now that Elder Porter is gone, all the frecas (Which means girls that hit on you) are all asking me strange questions. Every day. Like how old I am, if we can get married, if I like Dominicans, all these questions that they just ask in a certain way that you know what they are trying to get at something else.... its funny, with two  Americans they won't do it, but with just one they will...

Today we went to the Gardens in our area and took some pictures and played some games. All good fun. Just gave me something to take pictures of.

We found a new investigator, named Kenya, who is super awesome. She is a mother of like 4 kids, and already came to church this week! She is super interested in our message and asks tons of great questions. We don't know if she has a husband because she hasn't told us, but if she does, our goal is to teach the whole family! They seem to be very interested, her and her kids, as they all came to church the day after we taught them, so we are excited to work with them. :)

Like I said, short and sweet. Love you all! Have a great week. :)

Elder Weiss :)

Si no quieres aprender, no es obligado, pero por aquellos que aprendan, sus bendiciones son grandes. :)

(f you do not want to learn , it is not required , but for those who learn , his blessings are great .)

Pictures from a Botanical Garden they went to