Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015 - Contact Crazy

This week was great! 

On Friday I had interviews with President. They went really well and he shared with me some awesome scriptures. He says it is super strange that I am already so close to leaving the mission and I have been a great help to him. It makes me feel good to know that President appreciates everything that I do. I really felt that in the interview.

That same day, Friday, in the afternoon, we went on splits, and it was with the kids who are still in the MTC. They get to leave every Friday and see how the mission is really like. Well, I got a greenie named Elder Hernandez from Logan Utah! He was really cool and of course, very curious of the mission! So it was fun to show him around! I took him back to our area and we just contacted the whole day. We ended up meeting about 60 new people, right next to our church, and had about 20 people invite us back on Tuesday, so we are super excited. And we have members leaving with us so we can go on splits on Tuesday too so that my companion hits about half of the people, and I'll hit up the other half. Should be really fun. I am super excited.

I found a tarantula throughout the week. I played around with it a bit, then killed it, then took a picture. So ya, scary little things....

We ate as a district this week after district meeting. We made tacos. I so miss food that is not rice and beans... I also made hamburgers this week. Looks like Elder Hasler and I were the only ones that liked it. The latins were just like, "eh.... rice is better." CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

So, I have been studying a lot about the stars and the galaxy. Why? It was actually a question given to me by an investigator, on how God is able to communicate with us so fast. It led me to certain resources, including a book called "The Kolob Theorom." Now, it is only a theory, so I don't know to what point this book is true, but it is very interesting. And it just so happened to answer the question our investigator had! It states how we live millions of light years from God (part of the theory) so something has to move faster than light to reach us so quickly, and what is that? Thought. The speed of thought is the fastest moving speed we know! It also implies that God has a way of moving His entire body by thought..... Crazy to think about!!!!

Other random thing I learned this week comes from John Bytheway, in a devotional he gave called "5 scriptures that will get you through almost anything". In it, he says how Adam and Eve fell, so obviously, they fell from the presence of God. Before that, they were one with God, in His presence but they lost that. That is why we need the Atonement, or At-One-Ment. Can you believe I have never caught that? The atonement is the ultimate way how we will once again be "at one" or "as one" with God. Only through the atonement.... at one ment. The word itself breaks perfectly into what it means. It blew my mind to think about that throughout the week.

Anyways, that was my week. Short and simple. I am so happy to be here in San Geronimo! Good work is coming! I can feel it! Love you all! Thanks for the support. :)

Con amor,
Elder Weiss

"My greenie for the day"

"And my friend Tarán!"

Parker's Tarantula friend. Blech!