Thursday, August 6, 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015 - Cuatro Charlatanes!

This week has been full of memories, both good and bad. But mostly all funny! hahaha

For starters, we have found some new investigators that are showing like they are interested in our message! However, sadly we decided it was time to let go of some of our investigators that just weren't doing all that they needed to.

We have three less active members that are close to being reactivated. Alinson, Jhonathan, and Ana. They are always at church and have such strong testimonies and faith. I am so excited to see them when they will finally be able to partake of the sacrament.

Rosa is doing really well. We were able to talk a little with her this week. It wasn't as much as we had hoped, but she seems to continue to have good questions and her interest is always showing.

In our weekly planning, we planned to set up like 5 new baptismal dates for this week, so if all goes well, we will have a baptismal date set for Rosa, Nixa and Franklin, and Yamileth this week!!!

We found a new family!!!! Giovanni, the father, and his wife and child! His wife is a less active, but Giovanni has never had lessons ever! He came to church this week, and he is a really happy person! He believes a lot in God and says he needs a switch in his life from his old lifestyles. He is really receptive. His wife works for a member, and she is really receptive as well. Their child is like 1 or 2... so he is receptive too. ;) They seem to be a very special family that God has prepared! We are excited to start working with them! :)

Now for a funny story...... So on Friday, we got our money that is sent to us every 15 days to buy our food and all that. So we went to Jumbo, one of  the supermarkets here, and bought a bunch of stuff. After all was bought, we started walking out. Now, since its not right next to our house, we have to get a taxi. Our house is right down the road, so you can pay about 150 pesos, and that is more than enough. Well as we are walking out, the taxi people swarm you, and I tell one to take us back for 150. He says "no, 200." And I tell him where we live and again repeat "150". Now, a random other taxi guy comes up and says, "to where??" So I tell him where we live... then he asks "And the groceries too??" You guys all know me.... sarcasm and smart-aleckness just leave my body without me wanting it too... but it happened. I responded, " No, we bought all this stuff to leave it here." The guy responds, with a disgusted face, "Ustedes son cuatro charlatanes!!" Which translated is "You guys are four posers!" It was funny because when I said that to him, everyone started laughing at him, even his friendly taxi men, so he responded with that. So I said "Thanks, we'll find someone else outside to take us." And he says "You won't find anyone." And so we walk outside, and the first person that sees us is a taxi guy, and I said "150 to go to Los Rios." And he says "Lets go!" So I turn around and gave two thumbs up to the guy that says we are posers.... and he just puts his head down and starts laughing, and says "Next time it'll be me that takes you home!" Hahaha it was super funny! The taxi guy that took us home wanted to hear the story so we told him and he was like "He said that? That guy was just trying to rob you guys!" So it was a memorable story. Hahaha

Our house was fumigated.... so all these cockroaches and stuff came out of hiding and I went on a rampage killing them all. Oh, and I found the most venomess thing in this country! A big centipede! Right outside our house! We were in a war between insects and us this week, but we triumphed!!! I got pictures too... ;) hahaha

Anyways, that is all that comes to my head about the week! So ya! Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for the support! :)

Elder Weiss

"And a picture of me frowning by a big smiley face... because why not??"

BUG WAR Viewer discretion advised below!

And the most venomess thing the DR has to offer, a centipede
with a freaking needle on its behind!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry, but these are disgusting!


"Its not bad, but these are how big the cockroaches are here..."