Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015- Splits, Transfers and Fun

This week has been incredible. I have loved it! 

Wednesday, we went on splits with some members from our ward, to go contacting. My companion and I, after doing the splits and finding like 4 new potential investigators, got back together, and found a girl named Nicauris. She is the sister of Rosa, the Jehovah´s Witness we are teaching. We actually were going to try to teach Rosa, but she wasn't home, but her sister invited us in, and it had to have been the best lesson I have ever had about the Restoration in my whole mission. We taught it in a completely different way than before, and we were really focused on finding inspired questions. It was marvelous. Actually, before we went in, she said she wouldn't believe anything we said, and she wouldn't want us to come back, but by the end of the lesson, she was asking us when we were coming back to answer all of her questions. Haha See how the spirit touches people`s hearts?

On Friday I got to go on another split, but it was with the new missionaries that are still in the MTC! When we got to the MTC to pick them up, I noticed someone right away, as if I knew him before, and it turns out it was one of my friends!!!! He just graduated school, and right away he said "Hey, you were my mascot! I know you!!!" So we went out together the whole day, and I got to catch up with him. He is Elder Robbins, a great kid and an amazing missionary!!!! Love that guy! Can't wait to hear how he does in the mission. He'll be going to the East Mission, and he will do great things out there.

On Saturday I went to go translate for the Navy Doctors again. This time they put us in General Medical care, and I was with a doctor, who was from Boston, about 60 years old, who was volunteering to help the Navy. She was great. We fixed all sorts of problems, from diabetes, to broken shoulders. I even got hands on by helping them replace a fractured arm before wrapping it with a cast. So it was really fun and I feel like we did some really good work! And it was funny! A bunch of people would come in and we would ask "How can we help today?" and there response was "I hurt." So we ask, "Where?" And then the giant list comes of all that hurts: Their neck, their head, their foot, their leg. One person even just said "All of Me." Literally everyone said that. Hahaha super funny. At the end of translating though, the doctor I worked with praised me by saying I did an amazing job and that she has been very pleased with all the Mormon translators that have helped throughout their time here, and she said she definitely has a different opinion about our church now. Very high respects from her, that left me speechless. I also met a US Navy Doctor who is from Pleasant Grove, and he is a member! His last name is Weatherspoon. :) Very nice man! Sadly, they left the island yesterday, so I won't get to translate again for them, but those two times were experiences I will cherish for a lifetime. :)

Well, we have found new people to teach, and we are very pleased with the work that is growing here. Now, transfer calls came. Elder Camacho and I will be staying together. Elder Hasler will be leaving, and Elder Cisneros will begin training. That means I will have three Latins in my house. That is one way of finishing the mission! I am a little excited, since that is the first time this has happened in my mission! So ya! Bring it on! The start of my last transfer is here! :) It will be amazing!!!

Love you all! Thanks for the support!

Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note: I asked Parker if he had and weather from the Tropical Storm/Hurricane. Here's his reply:

No tropical storm or anything has hit us yet. They warned us about it. They told us preparations and all this stuff, but we still haven't seen a drop of rain yet, and it looks super sunny without a cloud in the sky right now. WHAT A BUST! Haha they say its died down to only be a tropical storm now, not a Hurricane at all. 

Then he added:
So.... my last transfer has started...... its finally here...... only one more agenda left, then I am home. 6 Weeks..... what the??? Has the time gone fast or what?????
Also, this happened... Breaking and Entering.

Funny story. When I got home one night, my companion "magically" closed our door with the lock on. Well we don't have keys to our doors to our rooms and such, so Elder Hasler and I did a "Breaking and Entering". We ended up opening the door, and now I know how to pick locks. Oh the things you learn on the mission. :) Here are the pics.

"My district!!!"

"Elder Robbins and I."

"The U.S. Navy Doctors!!!  and I know I am looking down in the picture with the US Navy... it was the only picture they took with my camera, so deal with it. I know... LAME."

"Stopped to catch a breath at the park after
 contacting for 4 hours. Here is a picture..."

"...or two."