Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Bueno, fue una semana rápida aquí en Barahona.....
Alright, I will speak English.... It was a fast week here in Barahona.... Too fast. Man how time flies. I am sure you are all wondering about what is going to happen with me, but let me explain the week first.

To start the week, my companion and I made a goal to be more talkative with the strangers. So we started being funky and different in an attempt to win the hearts of the people. In this area, no one likes the Mormons. We are made fun of a lot, so we tried to soften their hearts by becoming "One with the people". For example, there were a bunch of kids in the street that Elizabeth lives on. They were playing a game in the street called "Jumba". It´s just a game of tag really, but it is super different and soooo freaking fun. These kids have never liked us, and they always make fun of us as we are teaching Elizabeth, so we stopped in the street to play with the kids. They looked at us strangely and said,"In those clothes? Please...." We challenged them to a game. And we didn't know how to play at all. Then a mom of the kids was outside watching us. She never talks to us because she doesn't like our religion, but she popped out of her seat and said, "I´ll teach you guys how to play. You got to beat my kids!!!!" She helped us and was laughing a lot. The kids were having a blast, and Elder Quiñónez and I were having tons of fun too. When we finished, all the kids didn't want us to leave, and the mom comfortably talked to us about the gospel. She still refused, but she now has told four of her friends when we pass by "These two guys are so cool. They beat my kids in Jumba." She is spreading a love and respect for what we do. When we went back another day to teach Elizabeth, everyone wanted to say hi to us and asked us to play. They respect and love us more, and now Elizabeth feels more comfortable in the process of becoming a member, because now her neighbors respect the Mormons. You can just see the change in the people. Speaking of which, Elizabeth is still working on her baptisimal date for the 6th of September, so that was super cool. 

We also had lunch with our new investigator family, Yanela and her husband Cesar, and Yanela´s Mom. They all now have a baptismal date for the 6th too. They are progressing rapidly. 

Another cool story. We introduced the "Chikonguya Espiritual" in the ward this week. Its like Chikonguya, but the symptoms are symptoms of helping the work of the Lord, like pain in the legs for walking and inviting friends to come to church. It activated the member love here, and just as a result, we have gotten more referrals, like Franklin gave us a referral of a ten year old girl, Flor, who knows more about gospel doctrine then 45 year old's. She is amazing. She´ll be getting a baptismal date soon for sure.

We did a puppet show for the primary this week, and we had the puppets dancing to Gentleman by Psy. It made the primary nuts. They had a way good time, and us as the missionaries did too. It was fun.

We´ve been saying lots of goodbyes this week with Elder Montoya leaving. It´s been sad. Really good friend of mine, and he leaves this country tomorrow, just like my dad in the mission, Elder Zilm. My first companion leaves to go back home to Arizona tomorrow. Crazy how time flies. He did say a week after he gets home he will be going to Utah, and he said he might stop by and say hi to the family if he has time! That´d be cool! hahah

Alright, now... for what you are waiting for.... On Saturday night, we got the transfer calls. I was the last one to find out what is happening with me. Elder Peña will be getting Elder Chunga, another Colombian, that was one of my Zone Leaders before....

As for me......

Sadly, it hurts me to say..... but my time here has come to a new start.... why? Because I am staying!!!!!!!!!!! Fooled you!!!! Hahaha I am staying here one more transfer, so I will be able to see all my new investigators progress. I will be here until at least the 23rd of September, when I will have 11 months. So ya, Elder Quiñónez and I get to go at one more together, and I am excited. Also cool news, Elder Hope is going to be training this transfer, so that is pretty cool! I am excited for him!!!!!

Also really cool story, if you remember Maxi from my old area, one of the investigators that I had back there, who his daughter lives in Provo Utah... I just found out this week that he got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I called him and he was crying over the phone telling me how grateful he was that Elder Hope and I taught him so he could get baptized in the true church, so that was amazing. We also found out he is going to be moving to go live with his daughter in Provo Utah, so I will be able to visit him frequently when I get home!!!! That was super exciting!!

So there is the week! Kind of long, but an amazing week! I am currently reading in Alma 2 so I am excited to read those amazing stories. Keep reading in the Book of Mormon every day and praying! I love you all and I am praying for you all!!!!!

Con bastante amor,
Elder Weiss :)

Elder Weiss enjoying one of his favorite's. Egg Salad Sandwich.

Lunch with Yanela and Cesar

Different Styles of Larimar. Precious stones only mined in the DR.