Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wow, has the time already passed by??? It´s Monday again?? Man..... well, to start off, as of Saturday I have officially been in the best country ever for ten months! And it has been amazing! I love it here!!!

This week has been quite a good week. As for our investigators, it has been a little slow. Our investigators are learning like always, but they are taking there time. We work with them almost every other day. Like Flor, our little ten year old investigator is progressing really well. She has been reading really hard in the Book Of Mormon and studying it. So that has been a blessing. As for Elizabeth, we have sadly dropped her as an investigator. She wasn't progressing or doing the things she needed to be doing, so we said a goodbye. We will pass by every now and thing to see if anything has changed, but for now we have nothing more to share with her.

We found three of our old investigators this last week, and all have a new desire to learn, which made me super happy, considering our investigator pool was surprisingly low. So we are going to start reteaching them this week. So that makes my heart smile. :)

Here is the highlight of the week for sure. As I said, we don´t have tons of investigators right now, so Elder Quiñónez and I decided to do some hard contacting this week. And where to contact?? At the top of the mountain, where the missionaries have never been before. So we walked for an hour and a half to reach the very very very top of the mountain, and at the very top, there was a small shack (which I will send a picture of that in a minute). I was actually quite nervous. Someone could kill us and no one would know. We could be the new hansel and gredel nursery rhyme, someone could eat us up here. But we knocked on the door, and my fear was realized when a man opened the door, and he is SUPER buff, and was holding a knife. I almost ran, but we proudly introduced ourselves, and he let us in, and put down the knife... haha. He listened very intently to our message and became one of our instant friends. He was very open and very friendly. He´s an electrician and lives there with him and his wife and his daughter. His name is Joselo, and he is probably the coolest guy ever. After we gave him a brief overview on why we were there, he explained to us he used to be part of the Pentecostal church, and studied there for nine years, and became a pastor, but as he read in the Bible, he realized that his own church was going against what the bible taught, so he dropped away from that church and has been seeking the truth ever since. That was 4 years ago. He told us he never gets visited up there because there aren't any houses or neighbors, so he was very friendly and told us he loves reading doctrine. He asked us when we gave him the pamphlet of the Restoration this question: "If I read this, will I know which church is true?" The question hit my heart and the answer hit me even harder. I knew the answer, and my companion did too, but we were afraid to straight up tell him, but it just sort of left my mouth. "Yes. If you do your part, by reading, and praying, you will know without a doubt in your heart which church is true." Then he turned to me, a little puzzled by my surety and said "That's what I have been looking for the last 4 years. Thanks." We are going back to teach him on Tuesday, and I believe the Lord has prepared him and his family. Which is surprising. At the top of the mountain, where I never would have wanted to go contacting, is where we find a son of our God, ready to hear the truth. The Lord is putting us in the path of His prepared children.

The view from the top of the mountain.

The small shack Parker spoke of.

This week, as we continued contacting, we talked to so many people. I proudly get to say that this week we contacted 105 people, and we are starting to teach seven new sons and daughters of our Lord. Makes me happy. :)

I was reading in Alma 10 the other day, and I found some scriptures that I have decided basically describe me as a person. Look at that, even the Book of Mormon knows me. It´s Alma 10:4-5.

I love you all. I hope all is well for everyone. I miss you all but man do I love the mission work!!!! :) Keep me updated, all of you. And send me pictures. I love that stuff. :)

Mother's Note: Here is a small excerpt from my personal email. I asked about the tropical storm going through there. This is Parker's reply:

It´s been pretty cold here too! It has been raining a lot, tropical storms, so it has kept us cool. Man am I grateful for the umbrella I have. Although my shoes still have a huge hole in them, so going through the rivers in the streets aren't fun. I get soaked. Hahah

Parker showing off his sewing job on his shoes. (Yes, he said he sewed them).

Parker as the ref for the branch basketball game. (Played against Elder Hope's branch)