Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

BOOM. The week, it begins now!

The week has been an awesome one! We have been having lots of success recently. For all of the contacting that we did, we were able to get lots of new investigators, and this week we were able to begin teaching all of them. There is one that has also turned out to be a golden investigator, although she didn't seem like it at first. The Lord is preparing everyone! But this sister is amazing. We went by her house late one night, and she had prepared us a big meal! I'm talking big.... Spaghetti, with avocado, french fries, yuka, juice, and salad. For two people. I cried basically. I haven't ate that well in a long time. But thats not the best part. The best part is that when we teach her, she understands everything! She has great faith, and she lives right by the church, which makes it easy for her to go to church. Her name is Donieka. Amazing lady. Also, her daughter, Genesis, is awesome too, and has been able to understand lots too. So I am excited to work with them this next week.

We've been seeing lots of tropical storms, which have been fun to go running through. But here is a cool thing... Remember my convert Franklin, who is in the wheelchair?? He is almost completely able to walk again! He has been using a walker a lot, and he has almost recovered a full 100%. I might get to see him walk again before I leave this area. What a miracle. We sat down and gave him a blessing, to comfort him that for his efforts, he will be able to walk again. He has such great faith and love in his Saviour. 

We did some more contacting throughout the week, until the gangs came out again. They've started up again. And so we have been staying in quite a bit because that have been out of control! haha Barahona is the number 1 most dangerous city in the DR, and in all latin countries, it is ranked number 5. Ya........ It is getting bad. I don't understand why the President of the DR doesn't do anything about it. He should be jumping on top of these gangs, but he hasn't tried to stop them yet. Maybe he is scared? But I haven't seen any of the gangs this week, just heard a lot of the gunshots. We have heard that one person has died this week.. so that is pretty sad.

Flor, the 10 year old, is still progressing sooooo much! She is reading hard in the Book of Mormon. We're going to ask the Mission President to tell us when would be an appropriate time to consider her for baptism, because well, she is only 10. The younger kids are a tough decision for us. So we rely on the President.. :)

Good news, Jose and Dilsia, my other converts, are working really hard towards their goal to go to the temple in a year to be sealed for an eternity as a family! And get this!!! Manuel, there son, who we were teaching before, but told us he wanted to try the stuff of the world first, has now asked us to come and teach him again. Sounds like he has a change of heart, but I am excited to start up with him again!

An old investigator, Ana, contacted us and we went over there on Friday. She showed us her Book of Mormon, and it was marked up a ton! Like a ton.... at first I thought she was marking it to find faults... but then she looked at us and said. I love this book. This book is amazing. So we began teaching her again. Super excited for that, because she is one of those people that always keeps her promises.

One thing I have definitely learned this week is that the Lord is blessing us as missionaries. We were struggling with finding people to teach, but just look at all these people that have contacted us to teach them. We have more investigators now and I just smile and thank the Lord for answering our prayers. :)

That was the week. Our members have been helping us a lot this week, so I have been grateful for that as well. You wouldn't believe how important the members are to us. They really bring a different spirit to our lessons.

WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK!!! We're going on Friday, and I am pumped... I will tell you all about that this week.

Forgot to mention... I rock... and I love all you guys! The week was great, and I learned a lot in my reading. I am reading in Alma 20 now. I loved the story of Ammon and how he protected the King's herds. What an amazing missionary he was. I have also been reading a lot in True to the Faith. And I am still working on finding a good pair of shoes. The search continues! Anyways, I love you all! Miss you all and hope you all had a great week! You are in my prayers! :)

Con amor,

Elder Weiss :)

Biggest tree ever

I'm good looking sometimes..., ya thats it. hahaha

The grandma of Madely my convert.

Our food from our new investigator.

Random kids playing with these fake gun things