Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Man has the week been great! Let me jump into it! Don´t want to keep you waiting!

We have been doing a lot of searching, because our quest to help others never finishes! Our contacting numbers have been a little bit slower, because this week our quest was to find the less active members in the church, and start working with them. We have had a lot of success! We found out that one of our good solid members has a mom that is a less active member. So when we went over to talk, she invited us in. The mom seems to be a little timid, but she was cleaning her dishes when we came by, and she left the room to go look for something. My companion and I seized the opportunity to finish cleaning her dishes. She came back and tried to get us to stop, but we had already finished. We noticed after that that she began opening up a lot more to us. All it took was a little bit of love to get to her. It may have been a little forced, but she has turned out to be a great person. She wants to do good, and we are excited to work with her.

We gave Flor a baptismal date for the first of November, and she is beyond excited, as are we! It is fun to watch this little girl progress. We´re giving it time, to make sure she understands and is really gaining a testimony for herself, but as of right now, all is going well. She loves the message that we bring too! 

We have been focusing also a lot on the investigators that we have, and how we can better the situation, and we came up with the solution, INVITE THE FAMILY. We've been teaching kids without their parents, husbands without their wives, and although the wives and parents seem to always welcome us warmingly, they are missing the essential part of our message, and that is the message. And boy do I have a great story on how we put it to work! Since our planning session for the week, we have offered to teach everyone in the family of every single investigator we have. One of our investigators, Josélo, is a really strong investigator. He´s about 24 and lives at the top of the mountain with his wife and daughter. His wife never seems to pay attention, but we got her to sit down and talk a little bit, then we offered her our message, and she accepted warmingly. Then as we began talking to her, she kept bringing up some great questions, all to which our pamphlet explains, and so we were able to read with her and answer all of her questions, and she began smiling and saying things like "Finally, a church with answers!!" When we finished, she invited us back before we could even ask if we could come back. The Lord is working. He is preparing his sons and daughters. And working with the family is sooo much better than an individual, because they complement each other in their learning. It completes the learning process, because they are in it together, to help one another.

I got to have my second interview with President Nuckols on Thursday, and it was really good! Super great! He did tell me something... sounds like I will be training in the near future. Whether it is this upcoming transfer, or the next, but one thing is for sure, I will be training. He´s already done my special interview to become a trainer, so I am excited to see what happens!!

We only have ONE MORE WEEK in this transfer! Which means this Saturday, we will be getting a call to find out if I am leaving this area or not, but I can almost assure I will be leaving. I´ve been here since April. April - September... Ya.... I've had my time here. Lets put it into perspective. Our new president got here in May, so I have been in Barahona in the entire amount of time that our new president has in his mission. I feel like my time might come to leave, but we will find out! Only the Lord knows where He needs me!

I am super excited, I feel healthier than a leprechaun, and I am just busting with a desire to serve! I love the mission! It is going by too quickly! I mean, wow... Elder Hope already has a year! When I was with him, he only had 5 months... Where is the time going? I am hoping it slows down a little! Haha Well, love you all, I continually am praying for you! CHALLENGE THIS WEEK!! Everyone that reads this letter has to send me a picture with you in it, and the Book of Mormon! Why? So that I can see how much you have changed since I left, and so that I know that you are reading. Lets so who accepts the challenge. I better get lots of photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Con mucho amor, Les quiero
Elder Weiss :)

Barahona's "Water Park"

Another water shot.

This is Flor, the 10 yr old investigator and the little girl is her cousin.