Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh my goodness, what a week it has been. To start off, thank you to all who have repented of your sins, and sent me a picture of you with the Book of Mormon..... seems like now its my turn.... but I am going to send that picture next week.... muahahahahahaha.

HOLY SWEETNESS OF MERCIFUL HEAVENS! Or as Dad always says, ¨Doh¨! hahaha. Let me start with the week.

On Tuesday, I was up at the golden hour of 3 in the morning, got all my stuff together, including my thoughts, and I was out the door by 4. We took all of my suitcases, and we were buying tickets to get on a bus by 5.... It was kinda sad to say goodbye to Barahona. Really hard, because I love those people, but it was a need.... I was there for six months! haha So the bus came, I put in my stuff, and said goodbye to some of my greatest friends in the DR. As we were loading my suitcases, I realized all the wheels on my suitcases had broken off. Well not all, but a couple. So sadly, my suitcases were not DR-proof. Dang. But they can be dragged. So I loaded them up, and from there I took an hour and a half ride to Azua, where we waited there for the bus of the church to show up. It was a three hour layover... so I got to meet some of the other missionaries that were leaving. But the bus finally showed up. Only problem, it was too heavy with all the stuff we had. So the three hour bus ride turned into a six hour bus ride, because he could only go ten miles per hour the whole drive back to the capital. Lesson learned... bigger bus next time.... hahah BUT I finally made it to the Transfer Chapel, where I met Elder Rosado, my new companion. He is a cool guy. He is really relaxed, he hates fighting, but he is a strong worker. Strong strong strong, which is how I like it. We work hard. Well, I got to the home about seven at night. Turns out the house I live in now was made by Americans! Its about as american as the DR can get! Still no carpets..... dang... But they always have water, but electricity is rare. I like ten minutes away from my first area, so I plan on visiting over there soon! I learned that I am living with two other Americans, and one latin, my companion. The other two Americans, one is just starting the mission, named Elder Mortensen, who started just this week, and the other is none other than Elder Catmull, from my group!!!!!! That is right, I live with one of my favorite people ever!! And he is training! So that is super cool! It has been fun to talk to him again. I remember when our Spanish sucked, but now we talk fluently! It is super cool! So the house is super cool. Now onto what happened in the week....

First thing that happened.... I have been called to serve as District Leader. WOOHOO! It will be fun! A little more responsibility... but nothing that I won´t learn from! I hope this experience will help me a lot!

Also, there are tons of investigators in this area! We have over forty investigators. I am completely lost in the area with names, the area, everything. I am still trying to learn, but man is it hard. I am just glad my companion is showing me around. He is from the same group as Elder Quiñónez, which makes me Senior Companion again! But I am still lost, but I will say, we have some amazing people here, with amazing faith. I am excited to work with them. I wish I could tell you more about the area and stuff or the people, but I am still really confused, but I will get it!

As for the ward, oh my goodness..... The church is huge!!!!!!! I thought my last building was big... that wasn't anything! I wasn't able to take any pictures, because my camera is out of memory, but this next week I will start taking some pictures! But get this, the ward building has air conditioning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! SO AMERICANIZED! hahaha I actually get really cold. For example, my first day there, I started shivering, and I looked at the thermometer, and it was 75 degrees.... Utah is going to hit me hard when I go home to 50 degree weather.... I might turn into an icicle. I am soooooo used to sweating all day... we´ll see what happens. But the building isn't the only cool thing, they have a NBA basketball court, with nets, and a full on court, and the three pointers are from NBA range! I am in heaven!!!!!!!!! Hahah Also, the bishop and his family all speak English. He works as a Verizon talk center guy. His English accent sucks, but he understands. He slammed me with work. As soon as he found out I was District Leader, he asked me to come to all these meetings. He also found out I sing, and I´m trying to learn the piano, so he has made me the wards conductor.... and he said during church that I will be a blessing for the ward.... oh dear. I am actually really excited to work with him to help the ward. The wards I have been in have never asked us for help, and that is a big part of being a missionary, so I am excited to work closely with him. He shared a scripture, Moroni 6, 2 that talks about my importance as a District Leader, signing a baptismal registry and accepting someone as worthy to be a member of the church. He told me if they go inactive, and I sign it, it´s on my head..... Kind of intimidating, but it is true!

Now here is a real cool thing. Although I don´t know much I do know a little! We are teaching a girl Denichel, who is awesome! 16 years old, and she has been coming to church for 8 years, but couldn't be baptized because her parents wouldn't allow her too... well I am pleased to say that all changed this week. On Saturday, after teaching her all of the commandments and finishing up teaching the Plan of Salvation with her, she was baptized by her parents approval, so I am happy to say I have already helped a little in someones life!!! I also had my first interview with a kid called Miguel, that Elder Catmull and Elder Mortensen were teaching. He was also baptized, after I signed his baptismal registry papers. So there were two baptisms this week!!!

On Sunday we went to an area called Manoguayabo, to help the missionaries in that area with their ward. Its something we do here often in this zone, so I got to see some cool missionaries I haven´t seen in a while! I met a tongan missionary, Elder Kinikini who is the coolest guy ever! He is new too, and he is from Payson, Utah and he is also a singer. Love that kid! But the coolest part about this day, is that Manoguayabo is the area right in front of Hato Nuevo. I was two seconds away from my old area!!! I met some people that I had met before too, who remembered me! That was cool! But church was great too on Sunday..... This church starts at 8 30, which was strange, but it was cool!

Today I played basketball on the NBA court with the ward kids, and yes, my rolled ankle has fully healed. I am 100 % again! So that was super fun! We also have a huge mall in our area called Jumbo, that has a food court, so today I ate WENDY´s!!!!!! 150 pesos... Or basically, 3 dollars for my chicken sandwich, frosty and fries! It´s the same as Utah! Hallelujah! And now I am here! It has been a crazy week, but I love it here. Although, I must be honest, Barahona will always have a special place in my heart. I´m definitely back in the capital, there are tons of cars, and noise and craziness. It´s nothing like the South... but I am ready to see what the Lord has planned for me here. I hope all is going well with all of you. You better believe I am praying for you all! Here is your new challenge for the week, EVERYONE MUST SEND ME A RANDOM PICTURE, but here is the catch, IT MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE CHURCH, and when I mean random, I mean random. Don´t fail me. Love you all. :) 

Elder Parker Weiss :)

The girl is Denichel, Miguel is the little boy! The two who were baptized this week.

My new family, Elder Rosado, me, Elder Mortensen, and Elder Catmull. In order. :)

Mother's Note:  So you know me...I ask Parker question's while on-line together and I asked him what he said to influence the 16 year old's parents to let her be baptized. Here's what he said...

We started to teach in front of her mom, and she got interested, and now she is also an investigator. There is only the mom. I don't think she has a dad. But I could see a change in her. She became really friendly and she is awesome. She came to church this week too! So that is sweet! haha the Lord works in great ways! haha

I also asked Parker what city is he actually serving in...other than it's a suburb of Santo Domingo and close to his first area that was Hato Nuevo.  The city he's in is Buenos Aires. :)