Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

And here it comes.....  the week of the Elder Weiss.

Well, the week has been really good. We have been some more contacting. You know me, I just like talking. So better put it to good use right? haha We have found some real potential investigators. Including a family, that is taking our lessons really slowly, but they are understanding really well. I like that. Haha I also feel like everyone is doing well, investigator wise. But I will get to that.

On Wednesday I had a change, so Elder Quiñonez went out to Enriquillo (An hour and a half away, but its in the zone) with another Elder in our district, and I got to spend my day here in Barahona, with Elder Quesada, from Peru. It was super fun. We had a lot of good times. We bought some ice cream smoothie things, called Mabí, and it was super good, until I spilled it all over the ground.... hahaha. Got my shoes all sticky and I walked around in a sticky pair of ripped socks all day. WOOHOO. But it was way fun. In the morning on Thursday, we took a bus to Enriquillo to pick up my companion. Their house is five minutes from the beach, so we stopped to take some pictures. Lucky us. 

The rest of the week was average. Really, not much happened. Up until Saturday. The Elder's Quorum did an activity and invited us as missionaries to go and support, and to do the activities. And they were playing basketball. It was super fun! I got to play with the kids in the ward that showed up to the activity. It was all fun until I rolled my ankle. Why? Because my shoe decided to rip and a piece got held up by a rock and it made me roll my ankle. If that makes sense. But ya, I stopped playing after that. I am still in pain, but I got to keep working. It's been getting better. I bought some cream to help and used tons of ice. 

Now, at night time.... what you are all waiting to hear.... the transfer calls came.... AND I'm staying. Yep I am totally staying. No I am just kidding, they told me to pack my bags and to get out. Haha. So the real truth, I will be leaving tomorrow morning, at 4 in the morning to head back to the capital! And more specifically, to Las Caobas, my old walking ground! But I will be in a new area that is in a different zone, called Buenos Aires. So I will be close to Hato Nuevo, but I won't be able to go in and say hello. Haha. Ah, but my companion will be Elder Rosado, from the same group as Elder Quiñonez, so he has less time than me. He is a Dominican, and he was here in this zone before, so I already know him, and I can't wait to get to know him better. 

Sunday was kind of hard. I did a lot of saying goodbye. They threw lots of parties for me to say goodbye, and I have more parties to do tonight, which is why I am on a little earlier. But ya, I took lots of pictures, so I will be sending those soon! But it was hard. I watched all of my converts in tears as I gave my last testimony in church. And to say goodbye was hard, but they are in good hands, and I will see them again. :) But as for Sunday goes, it was just a lot of goodbyes to my investigators and to my converts and all the less active and active members. And walking was not fun on a rolled ankle. It might be fractured.... but I doubt it, because the pain is going away. Haha no worries!!!

I am disappointed in all of you. I got no pictures of someone with a Book of Mormon, although I give Sydney props for at least sending me a picture of something! haha and to mom for making mention of that she was going to do it. Haha

Anyways, there is my week for you! Barahona has been great, but I am heading back to the capital. Long bus ride, here I come! haha

Love you all!!!

Elder Parker Weiss :)

Mother's Note:  I asked Parker while email "chatting" him more about how his testimony was...what's happening with Elder Hope...and more on his ankle and what shoes were ruined (since he just bought new ones).  Here are his replies...

Las Caobas is back in Santo Domingo! so I will be going back there! As for Elder Hope, he is staying, but he will probably leave after this next transfer. 

As for my testimony, ya it was really hard. I was called up to bear my testimony without even knowing it. So I got up and just sat there. Started to cry before I said anything. I feel like the people have really gotten close to me here. Everyone calls me Elder Pila de Flow, which means Elder Lots of Flow, and everyone is wanting to throw me parties. There were a lot of people crying during the testimony, but I focused in on my converts. It just made me realize how much they have changed me. I mean, I've learned so much about myself through them, and through this ward. I have seen so many talents that I didn't know I had. Being here for six months has taught me a lot. I feel like a piece of my heart will forever be in Barahona. I hope to come back here with you guys to show you how amazing these people are. I got them to write in a special journal, so I could have their thoughts of me forever. It was hard to say goodbye, but the Lord needs me elsewhere.

It is really nice to be able to feel of an importance in the lives of others. I am loving that I am able to serve everyone here. I feel really good about it. Only sad thing is that I have to leave now, but my mission will continue to get better. 

And no, what broke was my tennis shoes that I brought from home. They finally had enough I guess. My other ones are still rocking it strong. Haha 

The beach in Enriquillo.

This in Franklin, who now is walking, NO MORE WHEELCHAIR!!!! 

The Family of the Branch President, they are all crazy, just how I like people.

Saying goodbye to Jose and Dilsia, shaking hands, like a boss. 

Madely, one of my favorite people ever, she helps a ton with the missionary work, and she is one of my converts here.

Saying goodbye to some awesome members named Yoli (Left) and Shakira (Right).