Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

What a week it has been indeed! Man am I excited to talk about this week. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!!!!

I want to start by saying man do I love being a missionary. I love working hard. It is so fun to talk to all these new people every day and making new friends and helping people know more about the blessings that their Lord has for them.

Flor, the ten year old girl we are teaching, is still progressing really well. She just absorbs what we teach her like Sponge Bob. She is goofy, but she is a sponge, she just soaks in the knowledge. We talked about the Word of Wisdom this week with her, and thank goodness she has no problems with that. We have also been able to talk to the ward about helping her feel more included. So now our Primary President goes and visits her. 

Franklin is getting tons of help. Just tons of help. He has been getting all of his therapy in so that he will be walking in no time. Our Branch President bought him a walker so he can start practicing his walking. In his spiritual life, he is in Alma, reading really well! He is also helping Flor read all of her assignments, and he will be giving a talk in church next week.... with me. We both got called to give talks next week. :)

Jose and Dilsia, my other converts, are doing exceedingly well. They are talking with the President to find a calling they can both do, because Jose knows being half paralyzed limits his abilities. BUT, he is the one asking for a calling. That taught me something. I need to be more like him. Not only accept a calling, but love it with all my heart. I feel like I am doing that with the mission, because I LOVE IT! But they are both doing really good.

One thing I would like to share was my feelings during sacrament this week. As you know, it was Fast Sunday. During the sacrament, I was trying hard to focus on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. But something caught my attention. I was sitting in my normal post, at the piano, so I could see the whole congregation, and as I was looking over the congregation, I watched Jose and Dilsia take the sacrament. Then later, Franklin, and later Madely. All of my converts. To them, it was normal, but that hit me more than anything. I began crying, because I realized that when I first met them, they couldn't partake of that huge blessing. They couldn't have been cleaned of their sins. But here they are, every week, being clean and pure. They are worthy, because they accepted and know their Savior. That made me think that even them, who at first had lots of problems, have the same love given to them by their Savior that He has given to me. It just made me feel good and happy, to know that they are worthy, and happy. And the best part was,  when I looked back up, Jose was looking back at me, with a big smile, a thumbs-up, and tears in his eyes too. It was what I needed. :) I am humbled.

Something I learned this week was definitely having to do with working with members. We worked well this week. Especially with our members. I also really appreciate how attentive my companion is to the spirit. If attentive is a word... can´t remember. But let me explain: We were working on Saturday with a member. He is our Elder´s Quorum President, named Marcos, and so we took him around to see some of the converts that will soon be elders, and also took him to our investigators. We had him planning on being with us the whole day, like he told us he would do, but he had to leave early. He was going to show us some less active families too, and so we really didn't have anything in the night planned. So he left and we were thinking of what we should do. My companion suggested visiting another member, Sister Milagros, who got home from her mission recently, to do a quick lesson with her. When we got there, she was ready to leave, and told us how she was going to do her Home Teaching that day, but her companion bailed. Seeing as we had nothing planned we offered to help her with her home teaching. She got thrilled and we left in a rush. By helping her do her home teaching, we received a new referral, who is a friend of hers, and she invited to come with us every time we teach him. We also got to meet two new less active families, and we now can pass by and visit them. It was a true blessing. We also passed by our other investigators with her and taught them. It was just a beautiful day, and I am so happy and grateful I had that opportunity. 

Also, great news, we helped our Elder´s Quorum president set up his calender this week to  give him something to work for to help the new converts and menos activos (less actives) in the area, also helping the active members receive more love from the other members.

Elder Quiñónez and I had the opportunity to watch a less active family that we've been teaching become reactivated on Sunday. This Sunday was there fourth Sunday in a row coming to church. Super exciting. Although, they don´t think they ever were inactive, they just say they were busy. But hey, they are funny and I love them. Whats good is that they have only had a little over a year in the church, so I am glad that we were able to seem them become "by the books records" active again. 

We also got to go to the temple on Thursday... that's right, TEMPLE!! And what a blessing it was. Man did I miss the temple, but the things I felt and learned there was remarkable. But I will be honest, it took all day. We woke up at 2 in the morning, to get on a bus at 3:30, so that we could be there at 7:30, so that we could get out of our session at 2, so that we could eat until 3, so that we could get home by 8. Ya big day. Best part though, for lunch, I had a special lunch... McDonald;s!!! First time I have had that disgusting junk since I left! Ten months without it, and it was the best junk food ever!!! And it tastes just like it does in the states! But it costs more... darn. But it was well worth it. Only the best when we visit the temple, right? (harsh sarcasm implied)

That was the big highlights of the week. I feel truly blessed to be here. The temple was amazing, as was the week. I learned a lot this week on how to magnify my calling as a missionary. The trick is to always be helping others! And never slow down. I feel great and well satisfied with the week! Long email, I know, but don´t be hating! hahah Love you all! Ustedes saben que yo estoy orando cada día por ustedes. Les quiero. Esta obra es verdadera, y me encanta!!!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note:  I asked Parker why he sit's at the piano and also if he bought new shoes yet. Here's the reply:

I sit at the piano because I play the piano for this ward! That is my calling! I don´t actually play though because I don´t know how, I just push a button, and the music magically comes. But you know, I try to learn. And yes I did get my new shoes. They are Dockers. And I love them!

Santo Domingo Temple

Elder Weiss & Elder Hope at Temple...showing that they've been there
 together 2 out of the 4 times they've been to that Temple

Elder Weiss and his companion Elder Quinonez

On the bus to the Temple

The best "Junk Food" worthy of a Temple trip. Lol

Parker showing off his new "purple" pants. Donny Osmond would be proud. :)