Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ya you got to read the subject in the tune of "Spider Pig". Hahah

Elder Weiss, Elder Weiss, Writes what-ever he wants. Can he write, from a tablet? No he can't, because he's in the DR. Look out, it's Elder Weiss.

(Mom's note: We think this is a dig to his cousin TJ and maybe other friends, who get a tablet on their mission).

Wow do the months past by quickly! We have had a good time in Barahona. The work is progressing slowly. It is a difficult area, but I can't complain. The ward is amazing, and the people we teach are even better!

The gangs in the area have settled down a little bit. There have been less fights, but we are still hearing gunshots every now and then. But its a little scary still. But we are putting a lot of faith in the Lord. He will protect us.

Our investigators are doing good! We are having some hard time finding people lately. All of our investigators are hiding from us or something. There are some we haven't seen in about 3 weeks, like Elizabeth and Ana, who were progressing really well. Elizabeth was going to get married this Friday, but we haven't been able to find her, so we don't know what happened with that. Its just the adversary trying to deter us. But we keep fighting. Hahah

We have two amazing people that we are teaching. Yanela and her husband, Sebastian. They are an awesome family that was given to us as a reference. They at first were a little iffy. Didn't seem too interested, but the first lesson my companion and I gave to them was just so powerful. The spirit was so strong with us. We felt a great love for them, and we spoke open and plainly with them. At the end, they asked us "So please come back. We feel good. When you coming back?" They are now some of the best and most powerful investigators. We set them a fecha bautismal this week for the sixth of September, and they are unbelievably excited for that. They have a newborn, and they have already said they wait for the day when she'll marry a returned missionary. Amazing people.

Wow, I have learned a lot this week! I have been reading in Mosiah, and I finished it up actually this week. I think Mosiah may be my new favorite book in the Book of Mormon. The stories are so amazing. And its because you can see how the Lord prepares the pathway for everything. Like with the people of Alma. The Lamanites fell into their path, and it looked bad, but because of that, this people left to Zarahemla, and met up with the people of Limhi, who were waiting to be baptized, and only Alma had the authority to baptize. So it showed that the Lord had the path all lined up. At times I feel like I got to take charge, and make all the decisions. Maybe I should lay back a little and let the Lord take his seat at the helm, and guide me. Don't know why this last part wrote in a different color. I can't fix it...... Give me a second.....

Fixed it..... but I can't change back the color without rewriting it, so it will stay like that.... ha aha....

Transfers are coming up for me! It is possible that I am heading out of here, but I could also stay! I am indifferrent to be honest. I'd like to stay, but I don't mind leaving. It is a great area. The work is good here. I am just excited to be a part of this beautiful work!!!! But we will see what happens on Saturday!!!

Stay strong, stay obedient, and trust in the Lord. He will guide you in all things. I love you all! May the week be splendid! Hahahah

Elder Weiss :)

Mother's note:  Parker mentioned 2 of his suitcases have broken. Ugh, only 9 months out. :) Also, I knew a tropical storm had blown over the DR, so I asked Parker if he felt it or anything. Here is his response.

AND YES! Yesterday it just rained and rained and rained alllllll dayyyyy looonnnnggggg. Man and it was a big huge lightning storm! Thunder that knocked down stuff in the house! It was insane! But it was way cool! It has rained a little today, but it is sunshiny right now. It was a weird little tropical something! hahahaha

Mom again: He also mentioned he will most likely be transferred this Saturday, but might not. He's trusting in the Lord. He loves Barahona, but not the shooting. And he loves his companion and roommates that will all be staying. Not to mention having water and electricity. But he trusts the Lord will place him where he needs to be. :)

I told him of his niece's baptism and that our stake will get to see Elder Bednar soon. Here was his response:

Hailey's baptism sounded good! Glad she made that awesome covenant with her heavenly father! Good for her. She is following the right path. Tell her I am proud of her. If she remembers me... hahah

I'm sure you must be excited to see Elder Bednar. It is like I am when I see Elder Cornish, the Area Seventy here in the Caribbean. Or Elder Zivic. Either of them. I become like a little girl all gittery! Servants of the Lord! They just have a different spirit to them! It is enticing!!!

The Elder's in his mission

Parker went to this cool kid's baptism. He didn't teach him though, but loves him. (I didn't get a name).

Some members. Parker says the lady reminds him of his Grandma Kimball by the way she acts.